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[FAR Scholarship]: FAR Selects the First Margaret Ajemian Ahnert Scholars.

November 1, 2010

The Fund for Armenian Relief is pleased to announce the selection of its first five Margaret Ajemian Ahnert Scholars, who now have the chance to continue their education in journalism and become future leaders in the Armenian press.

Established in July 2010, this scholarship aims to specifically support and empower aspiring female journalists by providing the opportunity to receive the education and training they need. Margaret Ajemian Ahnert established this scholarship fund in memory of her mother Ester Ajemian. The fund, administered by FAR, provides full tuition and monthly stipends to female graduate students in Armenia. Ms. Ahnert, herself a media specialist, worked for years as a television producer and a teacher before publishing her first book The Knock at the Door: A Journey Through the Darkness of the Armenian Genocide, which is based on her mother’s memories of the 1915 genocide, its unprecedented horrors and her escape.

Please read more in FARs Media Release.


[FAR New York]: Armine Zambak establishes the FAR Garabed and Armine Zambak Scholarship Fund.

July 21, 2010

The Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) is proud to announce the establishment of an endowment fund to support the education of a new generation of political leaders in Armenia. Armine Zambak created the endowment for FAR, transferring financial resources from an existing scholarship program she established in 1992 in honor of her late husband, Garabed Zambak. Now, each fall the new FAR Garabed and Armine Zambak Scholarship Fund will provide full scholarships to four outstanding graduate students at Armenian universities who have demonstrated a commitment to political science or public administration, and who wish to pursue a career in politics.

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Armine and Garabed Zambak


Credit: Armine and Garabed Zambak Family Archive


[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Medical Residents To Be Selected Later This Month.

July 8, 2010

Students graduating from Yerevan State Medical University convened in the university’s main conference hall last week to learn about how to complete their clinical residencies. FAR used this opportunity to share information about the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, which specifically supports students who are pursuing their studies at Yerevan State University. All YSMU medical students were encouraged to apply. Applicants will be selected at the end of July.


Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Announces Renewal Deadlines for the Jerair Nishanian Foundation Scholarship.

May 21, 2010

Second year students who wish to reapply for the Nishanian Foundation Scholarship can do so between July 1st and 13 th. FAR’s Educational Programs Coordinating Council will make their decisions on August 1.

Through the Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program about 50 students at Gavar State University, Yerevan State Engineering University, and Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, receive tuition coverage and monthly stipends to cover basic living costs, including transportation and school materials.


Credit: Celine Kaladjian


[FAR Scholarships]: FAR to Open Applications for First Year Jerair Nishanian Foundation Scholarship Recipients.

May 18, 2010

FAR will soon be accepting applications for the Jerair Nishanian Foundation Scholarship Program. Applications for first year students will be accepted between August 9 and August 19. Selection decisions will be made on September 7.

Through the Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program about 50 students at Gavar State University, Yerevan State Engineering University, and Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, receive tuition coverage and monthly stipends to cover basic living costs, including transportation and school materials.


[FAR Scholarships]: FAR now accepting applications for its Mathevosian Scholarship Program.

May 12, 2010

FAR recently announced that it is now accepting applications for the Mathevosian Scholarship Program for the 2010-2011 school year. Announcements have been posted at universities around Yerevan and Gyumri, the Krtutyun newspaper, and an announcement was made through the Armenian Association for Academic Partnership & Support (ARMACAD).

For the past 12 years, FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program provided much-needed assistance to students from extremely poor families. Nearly 60 students received FAR Scholarships through different programs during the 2009-2010 school year and the hope is for that number to grow.

Applications can also be found on FAR’s website –

Mathevosian Scholarship Application
Mathevosian Scholarship Application Guidelines

2010 Mathevosian Scholars

849642776_narek, veronika,margarita, sona,ashot # 3.jpg

Credit: Garnik Nanagoulian


[FAR Sponsorships]: Seven lives benefit from the Khanjians.

May 6, 2010

The Khanjian family, one of FAR’s most steadfast supporters, is helping seven children from Gyumri to go to school and purchase necessities like food and clothing, through the 2009-2010 Khanjian Sponsorship Program.

Sebastien Khandjian began supporting three children last year through a twice a year living stipend. Happy to be giving these children a real chance, he convinced his parents and other family members to do the same. Now, four more children have the support of the Khanjians and the opportunity for a better life.

The Khanjian’s ties with FAR stretch back to 2003 when Sebastien came to Gyumri with Patrick Sarkissian and began the Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTECH), which has helped to transform the city’s information technology industry into a booming sector.

Khanjian beneficiaries and their families


Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships]: A sculptor’s dream.

April 30, 2010

Lilit Sargsyan, a recipient of FAR’s Gulamerian Scholarship Program, recently debuted her sculpture and collages at a Yerevan State College of Fine Arts exhibition.

Lilit was raised at the Yerevan Nork Orphanage #2, where she arrived just days after she was born. As a child she used to craft small figurines out of putty and clay or compile collages out of whatever material she could get her hands on.

FAR’s Gulamerian Program supports older orphans as they transition into adulthood and pursue their own career path at colleges or trade schools. This program has helped Lilit, now in her third year at Yerevan State College, pursue her lifelong dream of being a sculptor.

Lilit Sargsyan - at workshop 1.JPG

Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian scholars published in leading academic journal.

April 15, 2010

For more than 12 years, FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarships have enabled students raised in poor households to study economics, law, linguistics, and other subjects at Yerevan State University. This year’s Mathevosian Scholarship recipients have received extra attention in an article published in the latest issue of the Armenian State University of Economics journal Tntesaget.

TNTESAGET_Economist monthly.jpg

[Beneficiary Portraits]: Another Ace.

April 6, 2010

One of the stellar recipients of FAR’s Philadelphia Armenian Scholarship just finished her first semester at Yeghegnadzor “Gitelik” University and she again earned excellent marks this year.

Born in 1992, in Aghvadzor, Hranush Hakobjanyan was orphaned by age 11 and raised by her sister. She’s one of the many bright students that FAR helps through its scholarship programs. Perseverance and hard work has enabled her to succeed in her studies of finance.

Hranush Hakobjanyan

Hakobjanyan _at seminar.JPG

Credit: FAR Staff