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[FAR New York]: Knights & Daughters of Vartan to honor Anoush Mathevosian, a longtime benefactor of FAR.

March 8, 2010

The Mid-Atlantic Knights & Daughters of Vartan will hold their Third Annual Awards Dinner on Sunday, The Mid-Atlantic Knights & Daughters of Vartan will hold their Third Annual Awards Dinner on Saturday, March 27, 2010 under the auspices of His Eminence Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) at Kavookjian Hall in New York with Professor Dennis Papazian, Ph.D. serving as the Master of Ceremonies and the Akh’tamar Dance Ensemble providing the evening’s cultural segment.

The Lifetime Humanitarian Benefactor Award will be presented to Ms. Anoush Mathevosian and Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Suzanne Toufayan, three deserving figures in the Armenian community who have actively and continuously supported both their homeland and the Armenian Diaspora in countless ways.

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Anoush Mathevosian at the opening of the new Mathevosian School in Vanadzor, Armenia in 2002.


Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships]: Preparatory courses for underprivileged children.

March 2, 2010

When, after the 1988 earthquake, businessman and FAR benefactor Arman Bedikian from the USA visited Armenia, he searched for relief and development organizations involved in the reconstruction of the homeland. “Zinvori Mayr” (Soldier’s Mother) has been one of the organizations the currently deceased Mr. Bedikian cooperated with. Together they launched an educational program, especially designed for the children of Artsakh war victims and children of large families.

The knowledge provided at the secondary schools of Armenia has rarely been sufficient for the entrance examinations of higher educational institutions in Armenia. Taking private lessons provided by tutors is critical but expensive. “Zinvori Mayr” lends a helping hand by organizing free preparatory courses for children at Yerevan State Pedagogical University. The preparatory courses do not include only the subjects required for the university entrance examinations but also computer skills. Courses are instructed by highly qualified professionals from various universities. Nearly 80% of the last year’s graduates were admitted to higher educational institutions.

“(But) the most important thing is not the admission to the university, but the acquiring of basic knowledge necessary for their further life” stated the Program Coordinator Ms. Anahit Hovnanyan.

So far 580 boys and girls have been included in the free preparatory course program. 358 out of them have become students at various higher educational institutions.

Students of a 2009 preparatory course

Credit: FAR Staff


[Mathevosian Scholarship Program]: Meeting with Beneficiary YSMU Students

March 1, 2010

Within the framework of the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, FAR sponsors six medical residents who pursue their post-graduate education at Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU). As part of the scholarship program, these students improve their professional skills at Yerevan State Medical University’s clinics while also maintaining close relationships with the regional hospitals, where they will work upon their graduation.

On February 24th, these six scholarship recipients participated in a meeting at the Mkhitar Heratsi branch of YSMU. Representatives from the University and from FAR participated in the meetings, discussing the beneficiary students’ academic progress as well as their thoughts about the program. Of the six beneficiaries, one will graduate this month and return to Dilijan Health Center. Needless to say, all six students are proud and thankful to be a part of FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program.

Beneficiaries Discuss Issues

Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR New York]: Housing Troubles for Armenian Orphans

February 16, 2010

Armenia is facing a significant problem with respect to providing housing for orphans who graduate from the orphanage system in Armenia.  Currently, the state provides subsidized housing for these people. However, housing in the cities is not only expensive, but also scarce and inadequate. Last year, less than half of the graduating orphans received state-subsidized housing. Of those orphans who are not allocated subsidized apartments, some remain in orphanages, some move to shelters operated by various non-profit organizations, and sadly, many of them sleep wherever they find a place, often on the street.

The Armenian government recognizes this as a serious problem. According to the Chairman of the Control Chamber of the Parliament of Armenia, Ishkhan Zakarian, the Control Chamber wants to propose resettlement of ex-orphans to rural communities, where the government may buy cheaper housing, and find better jobs for former orphans. “For example, if we buy the former orphans apartment on the outskirts of the city, we still do not know where its owner will be able to work. In rural communities, this question is much easier to solve – there, in addition to the house, the State may grant and land.”  said I. Zakarian.

At FAR, we are doing our best to improve the situation for older orphans in Armenia.  For example, FAR provides dormitory-style housing to orphans that receive a Gulamerian scholarship to further their studies. With continued support from our donors, we hope to expand programs such as this one.

FAR Scholarship Recipients Excitedly Gather
for the Award Ceremony

Credit: FAR Staff


[Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program]: Jerair Nishanian Provides Christmas Gifts to Scholarship Recipients

December 21, 2009

For the last few years, the Jerair Nishanian Foundation has provided a few lucky students with the gift of an education.  Each year, through FAR, the foundation sponsors approximately fifty students who are working towards their degrees at Gavar State University.  Recently, FAR’s Edward Karapetyan and Levon Lachikyan visited Gavar to meet with some of the program’s beneficiaries.

Main Building of the Gavar State University

Credit: FAR Staff

The scholarship recipients, all of whom maintain stellar academic records, gave the FAR staff thank-you notes addressed to the benefactor, in an effort to show their gratitude to Mr. Nishanian.  As a Christmas gift, Mr. Nishanian mandated that his foundation provide each current scholarship recipient 10,000 Armenian Dram as Christmas present. FAR is very proud to have Mr. Nishanian as a benefactor, and we thank him for his continued support.

Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Beneficiaries

Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR New York Office]: FAR’s Bagrat Sargsyan Travels to the United States

November 19, 2009

FAR’s very own Bagrat Sargsyan and USAID Program Manager Karen Sargsyan recently returned from their trip to the United States, and they shared their stories with the FAR staff during a meeting held at the Yerevan office on November 10th.    During their trip, Bagrat and Karen participated in a weeklong training program in Washington D.C., and attended many meetings in both Washington and New York.

Bagrat enjoyed meetings with FAR benefactors including Jirair Nishanian, Anoush Mathevosian, John Ounjian, Annette Choolfaian, and Shahan Artsruni among others.   The meetings were quite productive, and it was critical for Bagrat to liaise with some of FAR’s most generous benefactors.  The FAR staff was happy to hear the positive reports!

FAR’s Bagrat Sargsyan and Arto Vorperian
with Anush Mathevosian

Credit:  FAR Staff


[Educational Grant Program]: Beneficiary Ani Kalashyan

November 16, 2009

Ani is a second-year student in the Statistics and Informatics Department at the Armenian State University of Economics.  She is originally from Hrazdan, Armenia.  Ani is an only child, and was two years old when her parents divorced and her father left the family.  Raised in part by her grandparents, Ani says, “It seems as if my grandmother and grandfather were my parents. I am thankful for all the good they gave me. I always wished to be a person they would be proud of.”

During the early part of her education, Ani dedicated herself to studying the English language. She initially learned the language from Peace Corps volunteers.  Ani has a vibrant personality, and she has been involved in public works since the age of 14. For several years, she worked as an administrative assistant at an NGO in her native town. At the same time, she worked as an English tutor and taught English to children.

Ani at the FAR Office

Ani Kalashyan 1

Credit: FAR Staff

We would say that Ani has made her grandparents proud! “I felt stressed for the first time, when I learnt about my involvement in the paid educational system of the university” remembered Ani.

However thus far during her studies, Ani has received “excellent” grades on all exams.  Due to her academic excellence, she has been transferred from the paid educational system to the free educational system within the university.

Peace Corps volunteers told Ani to apply to the Fund for Armenian Relief for additional assistance.  “It was the last day for the applications to be submitted to FAR. I applied, and a few days later received FAR’s invitation to participate” told Ani Kalashyan.  Ani is thrilled to be part of the program, and she is committed to studying with excellence in order to justify the selection and expectations.  Ani will use the money she receives from FAR to buy a new computer.  We have no doubt that she will prove herself to be a worthy beneficiary of the scholarship!

Ani Shows us her Home

Ani Kalashyan 2

Credit:  FAR Staff