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[Armenian Landscapes]

June 1, 2010

Davush Fields during Spring

Credit: Levon Lachikyan


[Celine’s Dispatches: FAR’s Intern in Armenia] : Armenian Hospitality

July 30, 2009

On a recent Saturday evening, I fled the sizzling heat of Yerevan for the countryside near Aparan.  I had decided to go camping near the river with some Armenian, Iranian and French friends.

The surrounding scenery was heavenly: vibrant flowers covering the fields and beehives clinging to the hills.  Just as we were packing our things to go back to the city, two men arrived by car, inviting us to a meal and a game of chess.

Since we all had to be in Yerevan by evening, we tried to decline their invitation to travel to their homes for dinner. Needless to say, we did not succeed. They packed most of us in their battered car and our one friend Ali had to sit on the roof.

In the village, we had dinner with their family and went for a tour of all the houses in the village.  I could not tell you how many coffees we drank!  Before our departure, they made us promise that we would come back soon so they could take us to Aragatz.

Armenian hospitality really is unbeatable!

– Celine

Armenian Landscape, Armenian Carpet!


Credit : Charles Guenec