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[CSFC] : Promoting Foster Care

August 19, 2009

More than 110 people – government officials and dignitaries alike – filled the Tekeyan Center on May 14th to discuss the importance of foster care with FAR. The event, which was conducted in cooperation with UNICEF-Armenia, opened with a blessing from the priest Ter-Zgon. Testimonies from experts and from families themselves extolled foster care as key to prevent the institutionalization of Armenian children and help biological families overcome their problems and reunite with their children.

Participants included representatives from the Armenian government (including the vice-prime minister), the National Assembly, public council, Child Rights Protection Units, UNICEF-Armenia, Yerevan State University, the state police, the Armenian Apostolic Church, and from the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues. Members of local and international organizations, foster families, and representatives from state childcare institutions also attended.

The audience gathered to discuss foster care


Credit : FAR Staff