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[FAR Scholarships]: Success in Future Artistic Endeavors

October 13, 2009

By Marina Bazayeva

When I entered the Gyumri Aslamazyan Sisters Art Gallery and saw the paintings hanging on the walls, I could not believe that these works had been painted by the little girl standing in the huge hall, almost lost in the crowd of Gyumri beau monde who were wandering around to see the works.

The girl with one left hand that produced those pictures is Ophelia, who is also the only Gyumri-based beneficiary of FAR’s Gulamerian Scholarship. Ophelia was raised in the Gyumri Children’s’ Home, as her parents abandoned her right at a very young age. All of the emotions from her adolescence could be traced in the pictures: loneliness, and brief moments of joy gradually transforming into hope and a feminine spirit.

Harold Gulamerian himself was in the art business, and I can’t help but thing that ties between strangers are not always coincident. Ophelia benefitted greatly from the Gulamerian scholarship. When she was of age to attend University, Ophelia’s caretakers were not able to afford the tuition payments of the European Educational Academy Gyumri. Ophelia was fortunate to be selected for the Gulamerian scholarship.  As they say, a talented person is talented in many areas: despite her trouble childhood, Ophelia has grown to be a strong woman who is a not only a successful student of the International Relations Department of the Academy, but also a talented artist and a sociable young lady. The Gulamerians and Fund for Armenian Relief are so proud to have provided someone like Ophelia with the opportunity to discover her talents.

The atmosphere at the exhibition was very jovial, and FAR is thankful to all people who assist such gifted children with special needs.   At the exhibition, FAR presented Ophelia with a book containing prints of works by Leonardo da Vinci, and the FAR teamed wished her success in her future artistic endeavors. According to a Gyumri-born writer and philosopher Gurdjieff: “A tree springs from the ground, but it is not created by the earth. A grain is necessary.”


Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships] : FAR Gulamerian Scholarship Program Visits Gavar Orphanage

May 8, 2009

As the current academic year nears its closing and the higher educational institutions (HEIs) examination period starts, a joint meeting was held at the RA Science and Education Ministry’s HEIs Department on April 16.They visited the Gavar Orphanage on April 20 in order to inform the orphanage graduates about Gulamerian Scholarship Program.

Along with the three graduates of the orphanage, future graduates participated in the meeting as well.They followed with great interest the speech of Educational/Scientific programs coordinator Eduard Karapetyan. In his speech, Mr. Karapetyan not only mentioned the new criteria defined by the FAR Educational Committee, but also discussed the issues related to the current labor market and its development tendencies.

The meeting was very important and useful, especially for the children’s professional orientation. Today, most of the youth in Armenia tend to become lawyers or economists. FAR representatives helped the meeting’s participants  benefit from FAR’s financial support more effectively and choose different (vocational) professions with prospective careers.

At the same time, they were informed that according to the established regulation/norm, in consideration of the applications, priority will be given to the applicants admitted to the state HEIs, colleges and vocational schools.