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[GTech]: World Bank Delegation and Armenian Economic Ministry Members Visit GTech

February 23, 2010

On February 17, 2010 a delegation from the World Bank and the Armenian Ministry of the Economy visited the Gyumri IT Center (GTech). They met with representatives of several Gyumri and Yerevan-based businesses. During the session, meeting attendees discussed business issues related to the development of an IT industry in the northern region of Armenia.

In order to expand Armenia’s IT sector from Yerevan to the regions, the government plans to build a techno park in Gyumri. Economic Minister Nerses Yeritsyan expressed his belief that FAR’s GTech plays an important role in realizing a regional IT base. Currently, GTech is the only successfully operating entity in northern Armenia that has found employment opportunities for those in the IT sector, and attracted businesses to a region starved for employers. GTech maintains a program that delivers well-paying jobs through a combination of market-based education, new business incubation and business collaboration, resulting in the strengthened economic viability of an entire region.

Gurgen Paronyan, the executive director of GTech, noted that “GTech has already proven its basic concept of providing a workforce for technology companies that want to open branches in Gyumri. GITC will also be able to develop products for companies which are interested in outsourcing development to locations that can produce quality products within a very competitive budget.” The representatives from the World Bank mentioned that 24 million USD will be targeted to the development of IT infrastructure in Yerevan, including the techno park project.


[FAR’s Projects] : New Picture Galleries Available

June 30, 2009

One of FAR’s partners has posted some new photo galleries about recent events at the Gyumri Information Technology Center and the 2009 FAR Young Professionals tour of Armenia. The gallery index page is at:

Three galleries have just been posted: a visit from the Ministry of the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister to the GITC, a student field trip to VivaCell’s headquarters and switching facilities in Yerevan, and the FAR YP tour itself.

The FAR YP gallery, we’re proud to say, has some short notes about the tour’s itinerary. Be sure to enlarge your browser’s window or scroll down the page to read the note under each photo.

If you have not seen them already, follow the link on the gallery index page to the partner’s Extras page for some other galleries from 2006 and 2008.