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[CSFC]: GlaxoSmithKline Visit

August 10, 2009

Medical representatives from GlaxoSmithKline recently visited FAR’s Children’s Center. As part of the visit, the representatives donated clothes and medicine on the behalf of GlaxoSmithKline. After taking a brief tour of the Center and socializing with the children, representatives promised to cover medical costs for one of the children who suffers from extremely poor vision.

From the left to right: Ms Armenuhi Arustamyan, Ms. Venera Tamamyan, Ms. Viktoria Atovmyan, and Mrs. Narine Madoyan (CSFC doctor)


Credit : FAR Staff


[CME]: Visit to St. Narek Health Center in Vanadzor

June 1, 2009

On May 12th, FAR’s CME (Continuing Medical Education) Program participants visited the St. Narek Health Center in Vanadzor, capital of the Lori region of Armenia. Many CME Program participants are from the Lori region.

During the visit, CME Program participants were familiarized with operation of the CT scanner, a gift from the American chapter of FAR. The trip also included a presentation of the CME program to local doctors, led by FAR Health Programs Coordinator Hambardzum Simonyan. The visit also included presentations delivered by Yerevan State Medical University lecturers, revealing practical approaches to critical medical issues. Magda Yeghiazaryan discussed Infusion therapy, and Narine Mirzoyan presented Rational Antibacterial Therapy.

This visit to Vanadzor again evidenced the positive impact of FAR’s CME Program in enabling medical practitioners in regional hospitals.

CME doctor looks after a premature baby

Hrant 2

Credit : FAR Staff