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[Armenian Landscapes]

June 11, 2010

Javakhk Scenery

Credit: Levon Lachikyan


[Events]: Helping Armenian Artists Find Inspiration in Nature

January 8, 2010

In order to support the robust arts community in Armenia, FAR and the Armenian Artists’ Union are providing artists with a unique opportunity to explore nature and find inspiration for their work.  During soviet times, artists were sponsored to travel within Armenia as well as internationally in order to find inspiration.  Additionally, the state often purchased the art works of the members of Armenian Artists Union.  However today, many Armenian artists cannot afford to travel outside of Yerevan. FAR’s joint program with the Armenian Artists’ Union aims to fill the gap by sponsoring artists to visit the more remote regions of Armenia three times a year.  For the trips, the groups are provided with transportation, food and art supplies.

Artists at Work in the Armenian Countryside

Credit: FAR Staff

Hrach Aloyan, one of the artists participating in the program, shared his impressions with us.  “Though I was involved in this Program of FAR in later autumn, when the weather was cold, my heart was warmed thanks to the atmosphere created.  For a long time, I have not been able to make a creative journey with my friends.  I would like to thank FAR for providing such an opportunity.” As a token of thankfulness, Hrach presented FAR with his painting titled “Ashun” (Autumn). Like Hrach, many Armenian artists dream of new opportunities to visit Karabagh and Javakhk in order to capture the colors of those Armenian lands.  FAR hopes to continue to support these artists in their creative endeavors.

Hrach Aloyan’s “Ashun”

Credit: FAR Staff


[Beneficiary Potraits]: CASP Beneficiaries Rafayel and Irina Stepanyan

December 30, 2009

Rafayel and Irina Stepanyan live with their mother and grandmother in the city of Akhlkalak in Javakhk, Georgia. Their mother works at a shop in town, and earns barely enough to make ends meet. Often, they can’t afford to buy medicine for the children’s ailing grandmother.

Irina is in the ninth grade and Rafayel in the fifth grade. Irina is an exceptional student, and hopes to continue her formal education after high school. However, the family’s poverty is quite overwhelming. Rafayel is fond of sports, and enjoys playing football with his peers. With great pleasure, Rafayel and Irina help their mother with all of the housework.

The children were elated to receive the CASP stipend, and they express their deepest gratitude to the benefactors.  There are many children in need in Armenia and Javakhk.  FAR is trying to reach as many of them as possible, and out effectiveness will increase with your support.

CASP Beneficiaries at the Surb Khatch Church

Credit: FAR Staff


[Beneficiary Potraits]: CASP Beneficiary Katya Galstyan

December 29, 2009

Katya Galstyan lives with her grandmother and uncle’s family in Javakhk’s Khospio village.  She is 13 years old, and attends high school.  In 2001, Katya’s family left for Russia, in order to find work there. Unfortunately, her father died in 2003, forcing her mother to return back to Javakhk with her two infant daughters.  A year later, Katya’s mother left again for Russia, seeking medical care for Katya’s sister, who suffers from a severe disease affecting her limbs.

Katya has not seen her mother in five years.  Her mother is unable to return to Javakhk due to the Russia-Georgia conflict, and therefore works in Russia hardly making a living.  Sometimes, she sends money for Katya.  Katya’s uncle and his wife are unemployed, and her grandmother receives a monthly pension of $45.  The family makes a living by growing potatoes.

Katya is a good student, and loves to dance.  The family cannot afford to send her to Akhalkalak to take dance classes so she stages dances at home and performs for her family.   Katya has not yet decided what she wants to become when grows up. Her only dream is to grow up, work, make money and bring her mom back home. CASP and FAR work to make life for adolescents like Katya a little easier.

A CASP Distribution in Javakhk

Credit: FAR Staff


[CASP]: Javakhk Distributions Made

November 30, 2009

The most recent distribution for CASP beneficiaries in the Javakhk region was held last month.  An interesting feature of the Javakhk region distribution is that it happens during the harvesting season, when many of the beneficiaries are quite busy cultivating potatoes.  Therefore, the children and their families are available to receive their CASP stipends only after the workday is complete.

Father Tatev with CASP Beneficiaries
of the Soorp Khatch Church

Credit: FAR Staff

Vicar Father Babken Salbian from the Javakhk church, Father Armash, Father Tatev and CASP’s Javakhk Program contact Lusine Muradyan were responsible for the 99 cash stipends distributed to the CASP beneficiaries.  FAR thanks these individuals, as well as our generous donors, for their ongoing support.

Father Babgen and Father Armash with CASP Beneficiaries

Credit: FAR Staff


[CASP]: Support from Holy Cross College

July 21, 2009

Last Spring, the Holy Cross College Armenian Students Association raised $7,500 for a FAR / CASP sponsored summer camp in Gyumri!  With leadership of Ms. Ani Nalbandian, the group of students and professors organized a charitable concert titled “Pour toi Armenie.”

Over the years, thanks to the sponsorship of CASP and other organizations, FAR organizes camps for children from socially vulnerable families in the Gyumri and Shirak regions.  Recently, we took a trip to Yeghnajur, the sight of this year’s camp.  Our fatigue immediately disappeared as soon as we saw the shining and happy faces of the 25 campers, all of whom are CASP beneficiaries from Gyumri and Javakhk. They are enjoying a summer filled with trips to Lake Arpi, sports, English lessons and computer lessons.

Welcoming us with “thank you” posters, the children asked us to convey their thanks to the Armenian Students Association of Holy Cross College for providing them with this opportunity.  The childrens’ beautiful faces and clever eyes revealed their great happiness – they have made many new friendship that will continue for years to come.

Children at camp in Yeghnajur

DSC06469 +Credit: Levon Lachikyan


[FAR New York]: The 2008 FAR Annual Report is Ready for Download.

May 29, 2009

Please accept our deepest appreciation for your continuous support of FAR and contributions to the programs that brighten the lives of our underprivileged brothers and sisters in Armenia, Karabagh and Javakhk.

To take a journey through our 2008 Annual Report, click here and download the full brochure.