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[CSFC]: Summer Camp in Hrazdan

August 3, 2009

This summer, twenty-six children from FARs Homeless Children Center had the chance to leave Yerevan for the first time for a two-week summer camp vacation in Hrazdan.  The camp, generously financed by the Yerevan City Municipality, hosts numerous groups of children during the summer. It presents a uniquely refreshing opportunity for beneficiaries of the Homeless Children Center to step into a new environment and meet more children.  Three members of the staff remain with the children while they are at camp, in order to promote a stable environment for the children.

Happy Faces and New Friendships!


Credit : Celine Kaladjian


[Beneficiary Portraits]

July 23, 2009

Lunch Time for Beneficiaries of FAR’s Summer Camp in Hrazdan

Beneficiaires Portraits, Lunchtime - Hrazdan Summer Camp

Credit : Celine Kaladjian