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[Armenian Landscapes]

June 6, 2010

The City of Goris

Credit: Levon Lachikyan


[Hayastani Kidak]: Hotels For 2010 Young Professionals Trip Are Booked!

February 18, 2010

Our hotels for this years YP Trip of our Hayastani Kidak Society are booked!
Which, of course, will give you a glimpse into this year’s itinerary!


Yerevan: Golden Tulip Hotel Yerevan

Stepanakert: Hotel Armenia

Gyumri: Arax Hotel

Lori: Dzoraget Hotel

Goris: Mirhav Hotel


Hotel Golden Tulip Yerevan

Credit: Golden Tulip Yerevan


[View From an Armenian Window]

June 29, 2009

Goris, June 20th 2009


Credit : Celine Kaladjian


[Celine’s Dispatches: FAR’s Intern in Armenia] : From Yerevan to the doors of the Orient

June 23, 2009

Last Thursday, as I was sitting in Yerevan, everything around me started shaking. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was experiencing the second earthquake of my life. The epicenter was near Garni and according to seismologists, the magnitude of the quake reached 3.6. Needless to say, this light quake reminded everyone of the past. Within seconds, cell phone networks were saturated by numerous Armenians calling to check on their peers in different regions of the country.

On Friday, the Young Professionals jammed their suitcases into the van and headed to southern Armenia. On our way down, we stopped in the Khor Virap monastery, where we had a wonderful view of Ararat. The two highlights of this excursion were visiting Tatev and reaching the Iranian border.

Coming back from Tatev was an adventure: our van was on winding roads under pouring rain. Several members of the group started to feel increasing motion sickness. Or was it because of the delicious home made apricot vodka we drank during dinner?

As we traveled farther south, we could feel that we had reached the Orient.

The landscape started to change, looking more like a rock desert. The border and a flag reminded us that Iran was just few hundred yards away.

– Celine

Unleashing a Dove Towards Ararat at Khor Virap


Credit : Kaloust Hovsepyan


Armenian Landscapes

May 22, 2009

This new thread of pictures will take you to the most beautiful places of Armenia. Please, remain seated and start travelling with us ….

En route from Goris to Sisian

goris sisian

Credit : Levon Lachikyan