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[CME]: Yerevan State Medical University is celebrating its 90th anniversary

February 19, 2010

Yerevan State Medical University is celebrating its 90th anniversary of foundation. Yet the celebration is not merely paper-based but initiated in the form of festivities illustrating various areas of medicine and medical-related fields. Several international conferences are to be held within 2010 and culminate in October with a number of research symposiums and thematic illustrative workshops.

Guests from Europe and worldwide attendees will definitely enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere in the University and participate in various events related to university life and in social program including city tour, sightseeing and visiting Armenian historical places.

This is a must-watch and participate event focused on bringing together physicians, scientists, researcher postgraduates, medical experts. Yet anyone interested is welcome to attend and contribute to the celebration taking with them vivid memories and particle of Armenian values.

Announcement and more information here.


[CME]: Christmas Celebration!

January 27, 2010

At the end of December, FAR’s CME (Continuing Medical Education) program trainers, as well as the FAR FAA (Fellows Alumni Association) members gathered together to celebrate the closing of another year.  As part of the Christmas reception, medical professionals from various institutions in Yerevan participated in a tour of the Yerevan Brandy Company.  After the tour, the group convened to recap the year’s accomplishments for FAR’s CME Program, and to discuss action items for 2010 and beyond.  FAR’s Bagrat Sargsyan was happy to attend, and expressed his gratitude, on behalf of FAR, to all physicians involved in the program for their hard work and devotion to training a new generation of medical professionals in Armenia.

CME Trainers Tour the Yerevan Medical Factory

Credit: FAR Staff

CME Trainers Pose for a Group Photo

Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR PRR]: FAR and Medical State University of Yerevan Held Fourth Annual Medical Symposium

December 9, 2009

Year after year and month after month, the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) helps more and more Armenian physicians enhance their medical skills, learn about new developments in their field, and essentially become better doctors through the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program.

To read full release, please click here.

155 Provincial Doctors Came to the Symposium to Yerevan

Credit: FAR Staff


[Beneficiary Potraits]: Sergey Gasparyan

November 11, 2009

Dr. Sergey Gasparyan is one of the many physicians who was able to make a difference in his community after participating in FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program (CME).  We were fortunate to catch up with Dr. Gasparyan in September 2009, during his visit to Yerevan as part of the CME Program.

Born in Kapan in Syunik, Sergey completed his studies in 1998 and was employed as a pediatrician in the hospital of town Kajaran, in his native region. “At the beginning of 1990s, during the Karabagh War there was urgent need for anesthesiologist in our region,” remembered Sergey.  Therefore, in 1992, Sergey decided to participate in a six-month training program at the National Heath Institute in Armenia, receiving qualification as an anesthesiologist with an expertise in resuscitation.

Sergey During His Training

Sergei during training CR

Credit: FAR Staff

After returning to Kapan, Sergey worked at the local health center as an anesthesiologist, and was given the opportunity to be a part of our CME program. Commenting on the program, Sergey noted “One of the noticeable differences is that FAR’s training program is free, and therefore affordable for physicians from the regions. Another important difference was the serious and responsible approach of the physician-leader/lecturer.”

Sergey recalled an interesting story from his CME experience:

During his time in the program, a serious accident had taken place in Dilijan, requiring the attention of an experienced physician from the capital. Emil Vardapetyan, a trainer from the CME program who was also a physician in Yerevan, was called to the task.  Sergey was the mentee of Dr. Vardapetyan at the time, and together they visited Dilijan.  Sergey was honored to be part of this emergency service, and he regards his acquaintance with other physicians from various Armenian regions as one of the most important achievements of CME.

Sergey With Other CME Trainees

Sergei with other trainees 1

Credit: FAR Staff


[CME]: FARFAA Reception at Yerevan Office

September 16, 2009

FAR FAA (Medical Fellowship Program) secures the participation of Armenian physicians in the International Salzburg Medical Seminars, which are held in Austria.  Additionally, FAR FAA allows each second-year participant to organizes satellite symposiums in Yerevan, on various topics related to modern medical science. The symposiums serve as an opportunity to raise awareness regarding modern medical innovations.

In early September, Dr. Phillis Dennery and Dr. Anne Ades of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia visited Armenia, after being invited by to speak at a FAR FAA symposium.  They lectured on neonatology, and Yerevan physicians discussed four local cases.

At the end of the symposium, FAR organized a reception at the Yerevan office. The reception was a huge success, and attendees included the American guests, Armenian physicians, and Salzburg seminar alumni.

Dr. Phillis Dennery and Dr. Anne Ades
of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia visited FAR while in Armenia

At exibition

Credit: FAR Staff