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[CSFC]: FAR’s Programs Reunite Three Sisters.

July 12, 2010

FAR’s child protection staff recently reunited a family after two young teenagers (both 14 and 15 years old respectively) were referred to the Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC) in Yerevan. Their single father, unemployed, broke, and unable to care for them, left them at the Child Protection Night Care Center of Kapan, which closed down shortly thereafter.

After coming to CSFC, the girls told staff about an older sister they hadn’t seen in more than 10 years. After careful research, CSFC specialists discovered that she’s now a student at Yerevan University who grew up in the Gavar Orphanage. She’s currently supported through FAR’s Gulamerian Scholarship Program, which enables older orphans to pursue higher education.

Together at last, these girls will receive continued support from the FAR programs that reunited them.

Two sisters arriving at the Children Center


Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC]: Supporters and Children Dance at CSFC.

July 2, 2010

Several members of the Circle of Friends — a donor support group for FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC) — recently paid a visit to the center. As members of the “Hequiat” Dance Show Group, they spent the day teaching the children how to dance. They shared snacks and had a wonderful day.

“We knew about this center. We knew about these children, but not as much as now,” said one Circle member. “We will come more and give them even more of an outlet for fun and creativity. Eventually, some may integrate with our group later and once day we might even dance together on the big stage.”


Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC]: Third Annual Best for Our Children Event a Huge Success.

June 8, 2010

For the third year in a row, FAR carried on a wonderful tradition of holding The Best for Our Children event in honor of International Children’s Rights Day on June 1. Twenty thousand people gathered in Yerevan’s Victory Park on June 2 to celebrate and bring greater momentum to this movement.

More than 70 representatives from the business, art, and political sectors, wearing aprons marked with The Best for Our Children, sold juice, ice cream, and other treats in the park. Leading companies like Coca-Cola, Grand Candy, Ashtarak Kat, Tamara, Shant ASA, Daroink, and Zuzu were among those represented. Ardshininvestbank, Moscow House in Yerevan, World Medicine, as well as the Iranian company Diba and Dina, provided homemade cookies, caps, balls, and journals, which were autographed by local celebrities and auctioned off.

National Assembly Representative Arevik Petrosyan and First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration Vache Terteryan also attended. The day closed with a free open-air concert and fireworks.

FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC), with the help of supporter Bella Kocharyan, organized the entire event, which aimed to bring greater public attention to the issues of children, strengthen Armenia’s growing culture of philanthropy, and fundraise for the CSFC’s child protection programs.



Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC]: Child Protection Reaches 4,000 More.

May 27, 2010

Nearly 4,000 of Armenia’s children are now more aware of the hazards of cyber threats since FAR’s Children Support Foundation Center (CSFC) finalized its Safe Mobile Connection program this week. The program, which teaches children how they can protect themselves from becoming victims of such threats and attacks via the Internet or the phone, is funded by ArmenTel CJSC and was launched at the end of 2009. After going through the education program, children from the five marzes of Shirak, Lori, Gegharqunik, Tavush, and Yerevan, were asked to write essays on the existing risks and protection mechanisms. The winners with the best essays were selected and awarded during a ceremony held May 24 at the Marriott-Armenia in Yerevan, which was conducted by CSFC, the Ministry of Education and Science, and ArmenTel CJSC.

The center believes that children who are empowered to challenge any abuses of their rights will be stronger, more self-sufficient, and not exclusively reliant on adults to protect them. The program also teaches them to be open with their guardians about any potential risks. In turn, adults can better protect their children if they have open communication with them and are aware of what’s going on in their lives.

“Our goal is not to forbid children to use cell phones and computers, but rather to teach them protection mechanisms,” said CSFC Director Mira Antonyan. “One of the more effective ways of encouraging children to participate and believe in society is to first respect their rights.”

Child protection experts
Artak Poghosyan, Mira Antonyan, and Igor Klimko
discuss the hazards of cyber threats


Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC]: Seeking to Address the Problems of Child Abuse II.

May 19, 2010

FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC) has made an incredible difference by helping abused and neglected children receive the support and services they need for the past 10 years.

The center’s excellent staff continually help children like Argishti, who are desperate for their support. Argishti was referred to the center because his mother had started abusing drugs with a former boyfriend. She continued her habit even after the relationship ended, began to neglect Argishti, and is now hospitalized due to her addiction. Her child is now in the hands of CSFC counselors who are helping her to regain a normal, stable life. It is yet another case that forces CSFC to try and figure out how to combat such destructive situations.

“Of course, parents still have the primary responsibility to safeguard their children from violence and neglect. To tackle this issue, however, a holistic approach is necessary. Community-based systems are essential and need to be expanded,” says CSFC Director Mira Antonyan. “Violence against children is never justifiable. Nor is it inevitable. If its underlying causes are identified and addressed, violence against children is entirely preventable.”

Argishti, a young beneficiary at the Children Center


Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC]: Seeking to Address the Problems of Child Abuse.

May 14, 2010

For the past 10 years, FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC) has helped abused and neglected youth receive the support and services they need. According to the center, mental instability is considered a major cause of the abusive behavior some parents direct toward their children and a recent case reflects this growing problem.

One case involved three siblings whose mother was arrested for abuse. She had also previously spent time in jail for the murder of her boyfriend. Prior to her second arrest, she was extremely unstable, easily agitated by her children, and prone to beating them. One day her eight-year-old child was playing loudly with her cousin. Unable to stand the noise, the mother rushed outside and stabbed her child with a knife. The child is now hospitalized and her siblings are now at the center.

Case like these incorporate some of the major issues about the growing tendencies of child problems. It forces members of CSFC to grapple with complicated questions: What can we do to combat these wide spread problems? What does the future hold for these children?

CSFC is seeking to address these problems through the development of a legislative framework for the early identification, registration, referral, and treatment of child abuse.


Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR New York]: We Mourn the Passing of a Member of the FAR Family.

May 11, 2010

FAR mourns the sudden passing of Mr. Grisha Ter-Ananyan who was a dedicated employee at the Children’s Center Support Foundation in Yerevan. He was a wonderful person, extremely kind and considerate. His passing leaves a void in the hearts and minds of all who knew him.

We wonder why Mr. Grisha left this earth so soon, everyone wishes we could have one more day with him.

All of the children loved seeing him at every opportunity and will miss him dearly. We at FAR wish we could say a real goodbye.

Our memories of him and his beautiful life will forever stay in our minds.

Rest in peace, Mr. Grisha.

Grisha Ter-Ananyan


Credit: FAR Staff