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[FAR New York]: Housing Troubles for Armenian Orphans

February 16, 2010

Armenia is facing a significant problem with respect to providing housing for orphans who graduate from the orphanage system in Armenia.  Currently, the state provides subsidized housing for these people. However, housing in the cities is not only expensive, but also scarce and inadequate. Last year, less than half of the graduating orphans received state-subsidized housing. Of those orphans who are not allocated subsidized apartments, some remain in orphanages, some move to shelters operated by various non-profit organizations, and sadly, many of them sleep wherever they find a place, often on the street.

The Armenian government recognizes this as a serious problem. According to the Chairman of the Control Chamber of the Parliament of Armenia, Ishkhan Zakarian, the Control Chamber wants to propose resettlement of ex-orphans to rural communities, where the government may buy cheaper housing, and find better jobs for former orphans. “For example, if we buy the former orphans apartment on the outskirts of the city, we still do not know where its owner will be able to work. In rural communities, this question is much easier to solve – there, in addition to the house, the State may grant and land.”  said I. Zakarian.

At FAR, we are doing our best to improve the situation for older orphans in Armenia.  For example, FAR provides dormitory-style housing to orphans that receive a Gulamerian scholarship to further their studies. With continued support from our donors, we hope to expand programs such as this one.

FAR Scholarship Recipients Excitedly Gather
for the Award Ceremony

Credit: FAR Staff


[CROC]: Children’s Center Annual Holiday Fundraiser

December 28, 2009

The Children’s Center Council of Friends held their second annual holiday charity dinner earlier this month.  The dinner took place at the chic Ojakh restaurant in Yerevan.  The council of Friends is a group of government officials, civil servants, and members of Armenia’s businesscommunity who support FAR’s Children’s Center.

Singer Mro, Bella Kotcharyan, and Mira Antonian

Credit: FAR Staff

Mrs. Bella Kotcharyan, Armenia’s former first lady, opened the program by thanking all supporters of FAR’s Children’s Center.  The beneficiary children provided entertainment for the guests, and charitable contributions totaled to almost 5.5 million AMD.  In early 2010, The Children’s Center and the Council of Friends will propose a plan for the allocation of the funds.

Beneficiaries from FAR’s Children’s Center

Credit: FAR Staff


[Event] : Information about Child Protection Public Forum

June 29, 2009

As a leader in child protection issues, FAR hosted a Child Protection Public Forum at the Children’s Center on Thursday, June 25.  The purpose of the forum was to discuss efforts to mobilize human resources for early identification and early intervention for at-risk children and their families in Armenia.  75 childcare specialists working in various government posts and NGOs attended the forum dedicated to the establishment and promotion of  networking amongst child protection groups.  The forum presented a good opportunity for those present to exchange best practices with respect to child protection. The participants highlighted the importance of familiarity with the organizations and institutions that could be leveraged through partnerships aimed at achieving child protection goals in regions throughout Armenia.

Specialists listening to other participants presentations


Credit : Levon Lachikyan