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[CSFC]: Visit from Silva Hakobyan, Armenian Pop Singer

February 23, 2010

The members of the Children’s Center “Circle of Friends” group of supporters remains very active at the center, and its members visit the center frequently. On January 11th, famous young Armenian pop singer Silva Hakobyan visited the children. She brought them candy and toys, as well as CDs of her music. The children were thrilled to spend an unforgettable day with Ms. Hakobyan, dancing and  singing away!

Silva Hakobyan with Children at the Center

Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC]: New Year’s Celebration at the Children Center

February 19, 2010

Most people like to celebrate the New Year with close friends and family. FAR’s Children’s Center staff and it’s supporters have become like family for the children residing at the center. On December 29th, a group of Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens (Dzmer Pap and Dzyunanush) visited the Center, in order to help the children celebrate the New Year. The visit was organized by Mrs. Javahir Tsarukyan, a member of the Center’s “Circle of Friends.” The party began in the afternoon with New Year songs, and it continued with plays, dances, and gifts.  The celebration was a uplifting experience for the children, and FAR thanks the Circle of Friends for making the party possible.

Children Perform a Play for the New Year’s Celebration

Credit: FAR Staff


[CROC]: Children’s Center Annual Holiday Fundraiser

December 28, 2009

The Children’s Center Council of Friends held their second annual holiday charity dinner earlier this month.  The dinner took place at the chic Ojakh restaurant in Yerevan.  The council of Friends is a group of government officials, civil servants, and members of Armenia’s businesscommunity who support FAR’s Children’s Center.

Singer Mro, Bella Kotcharyan, and Mira Antonian

Credit: FAR Staff

Mrs. Bella Kotcharyan, Armenia’s former first lady, opened the program by thanking all supporters of FAR’s Children’s Center.  The beneficiary children provided entertainment for the guests, and charitable contributions totaled to almost 5.5 million AMD.  In early 2010, The Children’s Center and the Council of Friends will propose a plan for the allocation of the funds.

Beneficiaries from FAR’s Children’s Center

Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Soup Kitchens]: Beneficiary Stories – Two Fugitives at FAR’s Nor Natch Soup Kitchen

October 19, 2009

About a year ago, the staff from the Nor Natch Soup Kitchen became extremely worried about the sudden disappearance of two of their regulars. When Nunik and Volodya suddenly reappeared one week later, they admitted they had gotten married.

After seeing each other for several years at the Soup Kitchen, their casual talking grew into affection and eventually love!  Today, when asked questions about their union, they still answer with the shy smiles typical of a young newlywed couple.  “Because we both have grown-up children from our previous unions, we still live separately”, Nunik confides, “But we’re happy”.


[FAR Soup Kitchens]: Madagh Dinner at FAR Soup Kitchen

September 25, 2009

Each year, FAR supporters who are members of the Armenian Diaspora visit their motherland.  This year, FAR was graced with the visit of a generous supporter named Michael Ohanian.  Mr. Ohanian is an Armenian engineer from Boston, who first visited Armenia in 1988 and witnessed the great needs of its people.  As a result of this experience, Mr. Ohanian decided to lend a helping hand. Every year he donates a few computers to the Armenian State Engineering University and Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University.

On his most recent trip to Armenia with his wife Sonya, Mr. Ohanian expressed his wish to deliver a daily meal to the beneficiaries of FAR’s Nor Hatchn Soup Kitchen.  Mr. Ohanian mobilized his local community and collected money from several Armenian families in order to fund a traditional Madagh meal at the Soup Kitchen.  A Madagh (sacrifice) meal is an Armenian tradition whereby a meal is blessed by a priest, then donated to the needy by an individual who has recently experienced good fortune.

We thank Mr. Ohanian for his generous contributions to FAR!

Sonya and Michael Ohanian

New Hajn 1

Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC]: Beneficiaries stories

August 21, 2009

Gayane* is seventeen years old.  A few months ago, she knocked at the door of FAR’s Homeless Children Center seeking help.  For several years, she has withstood being abuse by family members.  One day, she decided to change her life.

She gathered her courage and left her house without letting anyone know about her plans.  She had nothing to lose and as she saw it, things could only get better for her.

And she was right.  She found shelter at the Homeless Children Center, and after a few weeks, she confided to the center’s psychologist that the Center helped her to feel like a respectable adult with a future full of possibilities.

Beneficiaries from the Children Center


Credit : Celine Kaladjian

* For reasons of privacy the name has been changed.


[FAR Scholarships]: Beneficiaries Stories, Mariam from Noratus

August 11, 2009

Thanks to the support of Washington resident Jerair Nishanian, more than 40 children from socially vulnerable families have an opportunity to study at Gavar State University, which was established in 1993 to help educate youngsters around the Gavar and Gegharkunik regions.

Mariam Margaryan, born in 1991 in village Noratus (famous for thousands of medieval khachkars), is one of the scholarship recipients. Mariam was 10 years old when both of her parents separately abandoned their family, leaving Mariam and her younger sister Mary in the care of their grandfather and grandmother. Grandfather Sargis is already 82 years old, but his aim is to live long enough to help his grandchildren reach their goals.

Mariam with her grandfather and grandmother

Mariam with her grandfather and grandmother

Credit : Levon Lachikyan

Mariam Margaryan is a student at the GSU Natural Sciences Department (Geographic faculty). Since her childhood she has always been fond of geography and has mentally travelled over many continents and visited various countries. However, most of all she loves her native country.  “Upon my graduation I will work as a teacher of geography at the secondary school in my village.” stated the smiling girl. She is very thankful for Jerair Nishanian, and though Mariam has never met Mr. Nishanian, his name symbolizes a legend in her family. Mariam is a stellar student at the University, and has clear ambitions. The two sisters have decided to buy presents for the grandparents with their first month salary: and this day is not far …

Mariam and her sister

Mariam and her sister
Credit : Levon Lachikyan


[FAR Soup Kitchen] : Beneficiaries Stories, Nairi from Javakhk

July 23, 2009

Nairi was just a child when she started attending FAR’s Nor Njar Soup Kitchen fifteen years ago. At that time, Armenia was going through some of its darkest years and Nairi’s family was in dire straits. Her brother was particularly disturbed, and would often beat her.

One day, the beatings went too far, and Nairi’s vision became severely impaired. She had completely lost vision in one eye, and retained only 40% vision in the other eye. The Soup Kitchen staff, who treated Nairi as though she was their daughter, took her under their wing.

Today, the three cooks working in the soup kitchen tear up when they talk about Nairi. She has left FAR’s Nor Njar Soup Kitchen, and has just gotten married to a man in Javakhk. Nairi’s husband also suffers from physical disabilities, and they have found comfort in one another.

The three cooks from the Nor Njar soup kitchen gathered their savings, and prepared a suitcase filled with all of the necessities for Nairi’s new married life, from slippers to bedcovers. When Nairi’s mom opened the suitcase before her departure to Javakhk, she couldn’t believe her eyes. No matter what, Nairi will always have the love and support of FAR’s Nor Njar Soup Kitchen staff.

Faces of Nor Njar District


Credit : Gayane Martirosyan (Young Soup Kitchen beneficiary)


[CSFC] : Beneficiaries Stories, the Hovanesyan Family

May 22, 2009

The story begins like this: Nearly 15 years ago, during Armenia’s most destitute times, Mr. Arto Hovanesyan* received an opportunity to work and live in the Ukraine. After selling the apartment in Yerevan, the Hovanesyan family moved to the Ukraine, and life for Mr. Hovanesyan, his wife and six children was good. However, the whole family missed Armenia and wanted to return.

A year ago, with the downturn of the global economy, Mr. Hovanesyan lost his job. The dire situation initiated the return to Yerevan. Glad to be back, the family needed help to resettle in Armenia. After being directed to FAR’s Children’s Support Center, the Hovanesyan family was given a small property in Artsakh (Karabagh), as well as the necessities required to get the family back on its feet.

Today, thanks to FAR, members of the Hovanesyan family can live happily in their native Armenia.

* For reasons of privacy the name has been changed.