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[GTech]: Generous Donation To GTech

October 26, 2009

GTech’s group of friends and supports is continuously growing, as more members of the Diaspora become aware of FAR’s unique technology education program. This month, FAR was blessed to have the support of a new donor, Mrs. Shahaspyur Baghdoyan-Baran of Boston, Massachusetts.

Mrs. Baghdoyan-Baran visited Armenia with a kind mission; she had decided to make a donation to GTech in memory of her husband John Shukri Baran.  Mr. Baran was born in Syria and spent his entire career, both in Syria and later in America, working as a teacher educating generations of youth.  Regarding GTech, Mrs. Baghdoyan-Baran mentioned, “Initially, I intended to support one of the orphanages of Armenia.  However, I then decided to contribute to an educational institution that educates a generation and equips the youth with new knowledge.”

Mrs. Shahaspyur Baran

Mrs. Shahaspyur Baran

Credit: FAR Staff

One of the computer classrooms in GTech henceforth will be named after the devoted Armenian teacher John Shukri Baran, in order to symbolize the benevolence of the Baran family. A dedication ceremony was held on September 20th. Mr. Baran’s wife and sister traveled from Boston to Gyumri to attend the event, and Mr. Baran also had friends from Dubai and Yerevan in attendance.

FAR Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan commemorated the event by mentioning the importance of supporting Gyumri and the future of its youth. In their speeches, leaders of the GTech staff stressed the importance of GTech in shaping Armenia’s future as a scientific and educational hub.  FAR is delighted to be building GTech’s community of supporters!

Opening of the John Shukri Baran’s Auditorium

Opening of John Shukri Baran's auditorium

Credit: FAR Staff


[GTech]: Fundraiser for FAR’s Gyumri Information Technology Center Successful

September 23, 2009

Dedication in New York City brings progress in Gyumri. The energetic GTech Committee, chaired by Elena Sarkissian, spearheaded a fantastic fundraising event for FAR’s Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) this past Saturday night at the SoHo House in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District.

Ms Sarkissian, her brother Patrick and eight committee members of all professional backgrounds brought together friends, colleagues, Armenians and non Armenians alike to get the word out on the self-sustaining possibilities afforded to Armenia by GTech. Ms. Sarkissian’s leadership and the talents that each committee member untiringly offer to GTech promotion and fundraising not only makes more possible in Armenia but communicates to the Armenian-American community new ways to get involved.

As Patrick Sarkissian put it to Saturday’s guests, “There is a brain drain in Armenia, and we need to help Armenia keep its talents at home.”  Thanks to his and Ms Sarkissian’s enthusiasm to start a GTech-dedicated committee three years ago, Gyumri’s talent has more opportunities than ever to advance and practice their professions in their own hometown.

GTech Committee (clockwise):
Talene Baroyan, Greg Bazarian, Martha Mensoian,
Elena Sarkissian (Chair), Patrick Sarkissian,
Shant Madjarian, Marina Sarian, Rafi Hovsepian,
Melanie Dadourian, and Kirk Hourdajian.

DSC_1594 - Version 2

asb360. © 2009


[GITC]: Congratulations to Graduates!

August 20, 2009

A generation of new Armenian technologists, some of whom are aspiring webmasters and others who are aspiring chip designers, recently graduated from GITC (also known as GTech) in Gyumri.

Opening with traditional Armenian dances, the ceremony was held in the Gyumri movie theatre.  M. Aram Hajian, dean of the engineering college of the American University in Armenia (AUA), delivered a speech emphasizing that the newly graduated students are the future of Gyumri.

Aram Hajian During his Speech


Credit : Celine Kaladjian

Jason Paul Kazarian, director of GITC, delivered a few remarks before distributing diplomas to the proud students. The ceremony concluded with the graduates, dressed in cap and gown, throwing their caps in the air and letting out bursts of joy.

Caps and Gowns for the GITC Graduates


Credit : Celine Kaladjian

GITC has proved to be a valuable project with respect to promoting sustainable development in Gyumri.  FAR’s support of GITC has inspired the municipality of Gyumri to start a massive project aimed at turning the city into a technology hub.

Jason Paul Kazarian Getting Ready to Cut the Cake


Credit : Celine Kaladjian