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[FAR Schools]: Ounjian School Continues to Grow.

July 31, 2010

Although construction has already been in progress for five months, an opening ceremony dedicated to the launch of the Ounjian School’s new sub building was held on July 8 in honor of its chief supporter Dr. Hovhannes (John) Ounjian’s the arrival at the project site.

The former N21 secondary school, which was completely ruined after the 1988 earthquake, was reconstructed due to the generous benevolence of Dr. Ounjian, who is from New York and also an honorable citizen of Gyumri. The school is named after the benefactor’s parents Armenak and Yeghisabet Ounjian.

Dr. Ounjian also undertook the expenses of the reinforcement and renovation of the school’s sub building, which will contain new classrooms, a library, and language room.

The Reverend Father Tateos Abdalian, a representative of the Armenian Apostolic Church in America (Eastern Diocese), opened the ceremony with a hearty blessing. During his welcome speech, FAR Country Director Bagrat Sargsyan recognized Dr. Ounjian’s mission in Gyumri, which enables 450 children study in favorable conditions. Since 2002, nearly 150 school graduates have also obtained higher education thanks to the support of Ounjian Scholarship Fund.

Dr. Ounjian, Shirak Regional Governor Ashot Giziryan, and several program executives carved their signatures in the wall of one of the rooms to commemorate the ceremony.

Several guests attended, including Armenia’s Deputy Regional Governor, FAR Programs Director Arto Vorperian, who was visiting from the USA, FAR Shirak Department Director Marina Bazayeva, ACYOA APS group members, students, teachers, and journalists.

Shortly after the schoolchildren’s acknowledgement speeches, Dr. Ounjian promised to support the school so that it will one day be rated as the best educational institution in the Republic of Armenia.

IMG_2503 +.JPG

Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR New York Office]: FAR’s Bagrat Sargsyan Travels to the United States

November 19, 2009

FAR’s very own Bagrat Sargsyan and USAID Program Manager Karen Sargsyan recently returned from their trip to the United States, and they shared their stories with the FAR staff during a meeting held at the Yerevan office on November 10th.    During their trip, Bagrat and Karen participated in a weeklong training program in Washington D.C., and attended many meetings in both Washington and New York.

Bagrat enjoyed meetings with FAR benefactors including Jirair Nishanian, Anoush Mathevosian, John Ounjian, Annette Choolfaian, and Shahan Artsruni among others.   The meetings were quite productive, and it was critical for Bagrat to liaise with some of FAR’s most generous benefactors.  The FAR staff was happy to hear the positive reports!

FAR’s Bagrat Sargsyan and Arto Vorperian
with Anush Mathevosian

Credit:  FAR Staff


[FAR New York]: ACYOA and FAR Partner for 2010 Armenia Service Program

October 30, 2009

On Tuesday, October 27, members of the Fund for Armenian Relief staff met with Diocesan Vicar Very Rev. Fr. Haigazoun Najarian and ACYOA Executive Secretary Nancy Basmajian to formalize plans for the 2010 ACYOA Armenia Service Program (ASP), which will now focus volunteering efforts on FAR projects in Gyumri.

Since 1995, the ASP, which is organized by the ACYOA Central Council, has included a service component, allowing participants to volunteer at children’s summer camps in Yeghegnadzor and Vanadzor, Armenia. Recently, the ACYOA Central Council decided to offer assistance to FAR programs in Gyumri.

“We wanted to go in a different direction with our service next summer and, at the Primate’s suggestion, we turned to FAR,” said Nancy Basmajian. “They are doing extraordinary work in Armenia. We’re very pleased with the partnership and the possibilities.”

After spending a few days in Yerevan, the ASP group will travel to Gyumri, where they will work at FAR’s Ounjian School, which is undergoing renovations, and the FAR Soup Kitchen, which serves the city’s senior citizens. After a week in Gyumri, the group will travel to Vanadzor and Sevan before returning to Yerevan for the last leg of their journey.

The ASP is scheduled for June 29 to July 20, 2010. Additional details will be available next month. For information, contact Nancy Basmajian at

Arto Vorperian, FAR Projects Director;
Nancy Basmajian,  ACYOA Executive Secretary;
Very Rev. Fr. Haigazoun Najarian,  Diocesan Vicar;
Bagrat Sargsyan,  FAR’s Country Director;
Karen Sargsyan, FAR/USAID Project Chief of Party;
and Daniele Faye Sourian Sahr, FAR Project Coordinator


Credit: FAR Staff


[YPT Trip] : Another Successful FAR YP Tour

July 2, 2009

FAR’s YP Trip to Armenia is designed to give young Armenian-Americans a chance to visit their ethnic roots, while meeting other young people from across the country and learning about FAR’s work in Armenia.  During this year’s 10 day trip, the group visited the northern and southern regions of Armenia, and even met Vehapar, then Catholicos of All Armenians.

The trip takes place thanks to FAR Programs Director Arto Vorperian, who coordinated this year’s 14th annual YP trip to Armenia.  Following each YP tour, most participants have a better understanding of their national identity, and become closer to their country and churches. To these visitors, Armenia is transformed from a city seen on a map into a vibrant locale. Over the years, FAR’s YP trip has provided 250 young people with the opportunity to visit Armenia, to strengthening their national consciousness and to warmly embrace their homeland.

The Young Professionals in Sevan


Credit : Celine Kaladjian