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[Web Wrap]: Viktor Hambardzumyan – Founder of the Byurakan Observatory.

September 25, 2010

[ANSEF]: ANSEF Chair Meets with Grantees in Yerevan.

September 24, 2010

Yervant Terzian, chairman of FAR’s Armenian National Science and Education Fund recently met with FAR staff and several current ANSEF scholars at FAR’s Yerevan office. They discussed ANSEF’s web portal, current projects, scientific development in Armenia, fundraising challenges and sustainability. The meeting was a good opportunity for ANSEF grantees and Dr. Terzian, a renowned Cornell University astrophysicist, to get acquainted with one another.

This year, ANSEF received 217 applications, primarily from those who wish to pursue work in the physical sciences. About 25 of those applicants will ultimately be selected.

Scientific research in Armenia is typically under funded and as a result many researchers must look outside their nation’s borders to find means of support for their work. ANSEF combats this drain by providing yearlong $5,000 research grants to a select number of Armenia’s top scientists whose findings contribute to innovation.

Yervant Terzian (third from right)
visits FAR’s Yerevan Office

Yervant Terzian at FAR 1.JPG

Credit: FAR Staff