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[Web Wrap]: Air of Armenia – Top Souvenir!

May 24, 2010

Via Envoy Hostel Blog

You’ve travelled many wonderful places and come across many different ‘must have’ souvenirs. A NYC T-shirt, a mini Eiffel Tower, a toy koala perhaps? and the list goes on, each a treasure in their own right, a memory of a experiences you’ve had. But what’s the one souvenir that sticks in your mind? The one you cant wait to tell people about? The one you try to work into conversation with friends for a bit of a ‘show and tell’?

It could be a bullet pen from Bosnia, a Soviet relic from Russia or a piece of the Berlin wall (at least that’s what they said it was when I paid 10 Euro for the micro piece of concrete with some graffiti on it ok Im gullible).

But for one of our envoy guests, it was a souvenir she picked up from Armenia. She found the perfect souvenir in the can of “Air of Armenia” pictured below.

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Credit: Envoy Hostel