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[GTech]: GTech Opens a New Laboratory.

November 17, 2010

By Hripsime Papoyan

The Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) recently unveiled its brand new Sun Laboratory on November 13. Guests, students, FAR and GTech staff members, along with journalists, celebrated during the opening ceremony.

The new laboratory, which is dedicated to its benefactors Dikran and Nadya Gyulmezgil, will enable GTech students to learn the new Solaris operation system. GTech’s executive director, students and staff members all showed their appreciation.

“I’d like to thank Mr. Gyulmezgil for opening the Sun laboratory, which, by enabling us to learn the Solaris system allows us to apply our theoretical knowledge in a practical way. It’s another way that GTech gives us a unique opportunity to become competitive IT specialists,” said Sirarpi Manukyan, a second-year student in the Web Technologies Department.

The entire staff of GTech thank the donors for their generosity and support.

The New Sun Lab at GTech.

Gulmezgil Laboratory.jpg

Credit: FAR Staff

GTech and FAR Gyumri staff meet with Mr. Gyulmezgil.

Meeting at GITC.jpg

Credit: FAR Staff


[GTech]: New School Year Begins at Gyumri Information Technology Center.

September 20, 2010

GTech proudly announces the start of its new 2010-2011 academic year. This fall, 29 students are enrolled in GTech’s web technology and computer engineering programs. All newly admitted students completed their preliminary summer session for their program, which enabled them to prepare for their courses in September.

A GTech Class Room


Credit: FAR Staff

Last spring, 44 students graduated from the newly re-opened computer engineering department. Most of them have found jobs in the Pool and Virage Logic companies.

GTech welcomes each and every one of these new students and wishes them a great year.

FAR, in partnership with several technology companies, created GTech in 2005 with the goal of broadening the skills of young Armenians and expanding opportunities in the region. GTech also helps to bolster development by providing an incubator space for new start up IT businesses.

A GTech Class Room


Credit: FAR Staff


[ANSEF]: Lilit Yeghiazarian Meets ANSEF Recipients.

July 23, 2010

On July 20, Lilit Yeghiazarian, PhD and ANSEF Research Council member, met with current and former ANSEF grant winners at FAR’s Yerevan Office. The group discussed ways to improve the ANSEF program, including how to better coordinate the work of different scientific groups, as well as how to properly handle feedback and communication between ANSEF’s Research Council and the scientists who are submitting proposals.

Lilit emphasized the importance of giving young researchers the opportunity to not only pursue, but also improve their work so that they can be a part of Armenia’s next generation of competent scientists. She also thanked everyone for their great contribution, their devotion, and for the high quality of their work.

ANSEF scientists also made suggestions on how to improve the quality of ANSEF and expressed their deep gratitude to the ANSEF Research Council for their support.

Lilit Yeghiazarian met with ANSEF Grant recipients at the Yerevan office


Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Medical Residents To Be Selected Later This Month.

July 8, 2010

Students graduating from Yerevan State Medical University convened in the university’s main conference hall last week to learn about how to complete their clinical residencies. FAR used this opportunity to share information about the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, which specifically supports students who are pursuing their studies at Yerevan State University. All YSMU medical students were encouraged to apply. Applicants will be selected at the end of July.


Credit: FAR Staff


[Octet School]: Octet Students Say “Thank You”

June 9, 2010

Students from the Gyumri “Octet” School of Music recently presented a photo album called Octet is Grateful to Rock to British Musician Ian Gillan as a thank you for the work he has done to improve their school. All proceeds from this concert were donated to the Octet school.

They presented the album to Gillan on the morning of his Deep Purple benefit concert, which was held in Armenia in May.


Credit: Students of the Octet Music School


[Octet Music School]: The Rebirth of Gyumri’s Art Scene.

June 4, 2010

More than 1,000 participants from nations like Russia, Belarus, France, Egypt, Iran, and China, gathered in Gyumri last month for the Veratsnund International Music Contest. Commemorating the 95th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, the Veratsnund – or Renaissance — contest also marked the revival of Gyumri’s vibrant art scene, which has grown significantly in recent years.

The Gyumri “Octet” School of Music was one shining example of this growing community of artists. Sixth grade violin student Ani Khachatryan won an award for the performance of her signature “music rhapsody.” Ani is just one of the many students under the tutelage of teacher Anahit Grigoryan, whose kids are some of the most talented young musicians in the area.

Ani Khachatryan


Ani Khachatryan with Octet students


Credit: Marina Bazayea


[FAR Scholarships]: A Proud Olympian.

May 25, 2010

Each year Armenia’s Ministry of Science and Education holds the academic Olympics in Yerevan with the purpose of discovering and recognizing outstanding students. Children around the country are invited to participate. This year, Araz Pirumyan, a ninth grader at the Hintlian School in Tavush Marz, was awarded a certificate of honor in history.

This is quite a notable achievement for one of Hintlian’s students. Last year, FAR worked in partnership with the Constantinople Armenians Relief Society (CARS), to support improvements at Hintlian. FAR gave stipends to underprivileged students to offset the hardships they experience at home, and enable them to focus more on academics. FAR also provided heating, Internet connection, and computer maintenance, as well as a musical center for students. In addition, many graduates received some tuition and transportation coverage for their university studies, and a select number of teachers were even given compensation for their continuing education.

Araz Pirumyan

Araz Pirumian with Certificate.jpg

Credit: FAR Staff


[GTech]: Sharing Valuable Knowledge at GTECH.

May 24, 2010

With a new degree in business management information systems from the University of Vermont and a job offer in hand, Zari Bazarian is one of many successful 2010 college graduates. And while poised to begin a great career, upon graduation Zari wanted to take some time off and help others with her skills before starting a new job. So, she came to Armenia.

Zari arrived on May 4 and is spending a month volunteering at FAR’s Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTECH), the only educational institution in Gyumri that provides training in IT technology. With her unique background in both technology and business, Zari is assessing GTECH’s curricula as well as its newly formed business incubation unit in order to give comprehensive feedback on how the program and its graduates can be made more competitive in the long run.

She has also been making presentations on cultural differences between the United States and Armenia. In her free time she’s soaking up the day-to-day experience of Armenian living and learning the language in order to better connect with her family’s roots.

Zari Bazarian with GTech Students

Zari @ GITC classroom.JPG

Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Announces Renewal Deadlines for the Jerair Nishanian Foundation Scholarship.

May 21, 2010

Second year students who wish to reapply for the Nishanian Foundation Scholarship can do so between July 1st and 13 th. FAR’s Educational Programs Coordinating Council will make their decisions on August 1.

Through the Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program about 50 students at Gavar State University, Yerevan State Engineering University, and Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, receive tuition coverage and monthly stipends to cover basic living costs, including transportation and school materials.


Credit: Celine Kaladjian


[FAR Scholarships]: FAR to Open Applications for First Year Jerair Nishanian Foundation Scholarship Recipients.

May 18, 2010

FAR will soon be accepting applications for the Jerair Nishanian Foundation Scholarship Program. Applications for first year students will be accepted between August 9 and August 19. Selection decisions will be made on September 7.

Through the Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program about 50 students at Gavar State University, Yerevan State Engineering University, and Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, receive tuition coverage and monthly stipends to cover basic living costs, including transportation and school materials.