FAR Job Search – Gyumri IT Center (GTech), U.S. Based Project Manager.

Background on GTech

The Gyumri IT Center (GTech), located in Gyumri, Armenia, is a non-profit, post-graduate technical school for highly-skilled individuals, offering courses in Software Development, System Engineering, Project Management, Networking and System Administration. The objective of this program is to create an influx of highly trained specialists who will be the future IT leaders of the expanding technology sector in northern Armenia.

Leading technical, IT, and project management specialists from Yerevan, and guest lecturers from the USA instruct our bright students who are accepted into this selective and demanding two-year program. In addition to technical skills, GTech also provides English language and project management courses to bolster students’ ability to service future clients in the US IT sector.

Presently, students attend this program at no cost as their tuition is funded by generous individuals and through fundraising efforts organized by the GTech Board of Directors. GTech’s goal is to create a revenue model for its graduates to provide IT outsourcing services for client projects inside Armenia – organized by a Project Manager located in Armenia, and outside of Armenia – organized by a U.S.-based Project Manager.

Project Manager Responsibilities

GTech is currently hiring a U.S.-based Project Manager who will lead the development and execution of our revenue-based service model. The primary responsibilities of this position will be to interact remotely with our GTech graduates, students and staff in Armenia, and to assess goals and priorities for performing outsourcing work in software and web development for projects located outside of Armenia (with a focus on the United States).

In addition to remotely managing the GTech project staff, the Project Manager will also be the first point of contact for clients who are currently employing GTech staff. The Project Manager will focus a small portion of his/her time on identifying and selling outsourcing services outside of Armenia.


We are looking for an energetic, results-driven candidate with solid project management experience and communication skills.

The candidate must have previous experience working remotely with a team of software engineers. This includes daily communication, extensive mentoring and supervision of team performance. The ideal candidate will have the ability to educate the GTech staff on the cultural nuances of the client as well as the impact this may have on meeting client requirements and expectations. Additional mentoring and guidance for this project manager will come from GTech’s Strategic Growth Board, located in the U.S., consisting of Armenian-American experts and executives in the technical, financial, sales, and creative industries.

The qualifications for this candidate include:

Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, IT, or a related field
Thorough understanding of Project Management Institute (PMI) standards
Ability to read, write, comprehend, and speak fluent Armenian
3-5 years web/software development experience
2 years experience technically managing a development team using PMI standards
Track record of completing two or more successful projects with a budget of $300,000+

Job Responsibilities

In cooperation with the GTech Strategic Growth Board, the US based Project Manager will:

Provide project management oversight and mentorship to recent GTech graduates;
Search for potential clients that would benefit from GTech’s outsourcing model;
Work with the Strategic Growth Board on client proposals and contract negotiations.

There are three primary responsibilities to the Project Manager’s job (% of time):

Understanding GTech students abilities (15%)
Understand what the students are capable of doing
Shape student’s experience in classroom to mimic future projects
Selling IT outsourcing projects to U.S. based companies (15%)
Strategic Growth Board will support your efforts here
Negotiate contracts
Project management (70%)
Analyze feature specifications provided by customers
Develop a statement of work from feature specifications
Estimate project budgets and resource allocations from statements of work
Write software requirements, design, and test specifications
Communicate the tasks to the GTech team
Create a time table of deliverables
Actively track project performance on fiscal and technical factors
Resolve budget, schedule, and technical project issues to customer satisfaction


This is a part time job. The Project Manager will be paid between $2K and $3k monthly. The salary offered will depend on the following factors:

Education and relevant experience.
Complexity of assigned work.
Effectiveness in delivering output acceptable to customers and management.
Ability to meet customer demand to deliver systems using multiple technologies.

Work Environment

The PM will initially be based in his/her US home office.
The Armenia team is located at GTech in Gyumri, the second largest city in the Republic of Armenia. Facilities dedicated to project delivery, including office space, computers, and Internet access, will be provided for this purpose.


To apply for this position, submit your resume and complete a short response to the following strategic question: ‘How can GTech generate annual consulting revenues of $1M+ in the next three years through consulting engagements in Armenia and in the U.S.?’

Your response should be no longer than 8 Powerpoint slides.
Feel free to be creative in your response.

Additional information about GTech is available on our website.
Additional information about Fund for Armenian Relief is available here.

Please email your resume as well as a brief Powerpoint presentation detailing your qualifications to peter.bonjuklian@starpoint.com

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