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Donation Made for Vanadzor Orphanage and Nubarashen Special School

January 18, 2010

This Christmas, FAR was happy to accept the generous donations of Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Mary Haratounian.   As a result of their generosity, FAR was able to implement some initiatives in the Vanadzor Orphanage as well as the Nubarashen Special School.  Gas Pressure Regulation equipment was purchased for the Vanadzor Orphanage, which should lead to a significant cost savings as well as an improvement in the natural gas supply.  Additionally, a water tank was installed to temporarily supply water to the orphanage kitchen.  At the Nubarashen Special School, FAR purchased  warm winter shoes for the children, and a vacuum cleaner for the school.  These incremental improvements in FAR’s facilities help to keep more children happy and healthy, and we greatly appreciate the support of our benefactors.

Presentation of Shoes and Vaccum at Nubarashen

Credit: FAR Staff

Children Trying on their New Shoes

Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships] : FAR Gulamerian Scholarship Program Visits Gavar Orphanage

May 8, 2009

As the current academic year nears its closing and the higher educational institutions (HEIs) examination period starts, a joint meeting was held at the RA Science and Education Ministry’s HEIs Department on April 16.They visited the Gavar Orphanage on April 20 in order to inform the orphanage graduates about Gulamerian Scholarship Program.

Along with the three graduates of the orphanage, future graduates participated in the meeting as well.They followed with great interest the speech of Educational/Scientific programs coordinator Eduard Karapetyan. In his speech, Mr. Karapetyan not only mentioned the new criteria defined by the FAR Educational Committee, but also discussed the issues related to the current labor market and its development tendencies.

The meeting was very important and useful, especially for the children’s professional orientation. Today, most of the youth in Armenia tend to become lawyers or economists. FAR representatives helped the meeting’s participants  benefit from FAR’s financial support more effectively and choose different (vocational) professions with prospective careers.

At the same time, they were informed that according to the established regulation/norm, in consideration of the applications, priority will be given to the applicants admitted to the state HEIs, colleges and vocational schools.