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[Beneficiary Potraits]: Araz Pirumyan

January 29, 2010

Sometimes, FAR beneficiaries are able to take advantage of more than one of our programs.  Araz Pirumyan is a student at the Hovhannes Hintliyan school which is operated by FAR and funded by CARS (Constantinople Armenian Relief Society).  Araz is thirteen years old, and a particularly bright ninth grader.  He began school when he was five, and though he is from a family of modest means (his father became handicapped during the Nagorno-Karabagh war), his family has always prioritized the children’s education.  Araz’s three sisters also attended Hovhannes Hintliyan and then continued to pursue higher education at various institutions.

Araz and his Mother Prepare to Enter the Hospital

Credit: FAR Staff

Unfortunately, Araz recently discovered that he had a disorder of the lower and upper jaw (known as Prognathism).  The Pirumyan family lacked the financial means to cure Araz’s illness.  However, CARS and FAR were able to provide the family with some support.  CARS paid for the family to travel to Yerevan and also covered the X-ray expenses. FAR Health Program Coordinator Hambardzum Simonyan arranged appointments for Araz to see the appropriate medical specialists, and these physicians will provide the assistance needed to treat Araz’s condition.  We are happy to report that Araz Pirumyan will receive health care in time to avoid further complications from the illness, and he will be back in school in no time!

Araz Receives a Medical Exam from a Specialist

Credit: FAR Staff


[Hovhannes Hintliyan School]: Student Hrant Atabekyan Wins Prestigious Mathematics Award!

December 10, 2009

This year, for the first time in Armenia, the “Kangaroo” International Mathematical Competition held in Armenia, with 30,000 students participating from 570 Armenian schools. Six children from Hovhannes Hintliyan participated, all earning good results. Eleven-year-old Hrant Atabekyan won the first place award in his age category. As a reward, he was invited to Yerevan to meet with the Armenian President as well as the Catholicos of All Armenians.   Both FAR and CARS are very proud Hrant, and he was thrilled to be the winning student. He hopes to continue his academic achievements, and use his skills to become devoted to his homeland and nation.

What makes the Hovhannes Hintliyan School so special is that is a regional school located in Tavoush, where physical conditions and educational standards are on par with the schools of Yerevan.   For the past three years, enrollment has been increasing, and has gone from 80 to 120 students.  Given the high quality of the education, most parents in neighboring villages prefer for their children to attend Hintliyan if possible.  As many of our readers know, the Hintliyan School is sponsored by New York CARS (Constantinople Armenian Relief Society), and operated by FAR. Together, CARS and FAR address the needs of the school and, at the same time, encourage the best students and teachers.

Hrant Atabekyan Shows off his Award!

Credit: FAR Staff


[Hovhannes Hintliyan School]: Hintliyan Graduates Reunite!

December 4, 2009

Last Sunday, CARS (Constantinople Armenian Relief Society)-Hintliyan alumni gathered in the Holy Martyrs Armenian Church in Bayside, New York, in order to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Hintliyan School, which was established in 1909 in Bolis, Turkey and is currently operating in Gayan Avan, Armenia.  Nearly 150 Armenians born in Constantinople but currently residing in North America participated in the event.  Prior to the event, on September 7, 2009, in the Gayan Avan secondary school named after Hovhannes Hintliyan in the Davoush region of Armenia, the “Nor Dprots” (New School) 100th Anniversary was celebrated. During the New York celebration, films and photos from the Armenian ceremony were presented, and participants of the ceremony shared their impressions.

Mrs. Armine Araz, Dr. Ounjian, and
Mrs. Tamar Kayserian enjoy the event in Bayside

Credit: FAR Staff

The New York event was organized as a fundraiser for the Hintliyan School.  As a result of the support from CARS and FAR, the number of children enrolled in the school increases each year, and the quality of education improves. Moreover, now residents of the border villages of Aygehovit and Azatamut are inspired with new hope for the future.  Recently, FAR Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan visited the remote school and presented 14 heaters, purchased thanks to the CARS donation, to be installed in all classrooms of the school.  At the same time, financial stipends were awarded to the Hintliyan school children and teachers.  This school in Gayan Avan is a great example FAR’s fruitful collaboration with other successful Armenian organizations, such as CARS.

Young Hintliyan Students Enjoy the New Heater

Credit: FAR Staff


[Hovhannes Hintliyan School]: 100th Anniversary of School Founded by Hovhannes Hintlian

October 12, 2009

September 7th marked a special day for FAR’s education initiatives:  the 100-year anniversary of the Hovhaness Hintlian School.  The school, founded by Mr. Hintlian in 1909 in Constantinople, was opened with a mission to introduce the new European teaching models of the time into the Armenian educational system.  The Hintlian School was closed in 1988.  However, thanks to the support of the Constantinople Armenians Relief Society (CARS), a secondary school in the Gayan community in the Tavush region of Armenia was named after Hovhannes Hintlian, and his legacy therefore continues.   FAR is responsible for the administration and execution of the day-to-day operations of the school.

Hintliyan 2

Credit: FAR Staff

Today, the school has 110 pupils, and employs nearly 30 teachers. Encouraged by the financial and moral support of CARS, the Hintlian school children have shown strong academic progress, and most of the graduates continue their education at higher educational institutions.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of this school, CARS members and other supporters from across the globe visited Armenia.   On September 7, they gathered at the school and held a solemn ceremony dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the school.  The Hintlian spirit was apparent in the students’ their poetry recitals and dance performances.

The guests were hosted by Mr. Armen Ghularyan, Tavush Regional Governor and Ms. Hranush Hakobyan, Armenian Diaspora Minister.  Both officials expressed their gratitude towards the Hintlian graduates and CARS in providing support to the border zone school. They noted that though the school lies in a troubled region, the Hovhannes Hintlian School has invigorated the region with a new life.

Mr. Ghularyan recognized Berge Araz, and also recognized the efforts of all delegation members of the CARS, including President Tamar Kayserian and vise-president Levon Andreasian, among others.  All guests were happy to see the survival of the Hintlian spirit in Armenia.  With the support of CARS and a dedicated FAR team, we hope that the name of the great teacher will live forever.

Two Hintliya generations

Credit: FAR Staff


[Hovhannes Hintliyan School]: “VERJIN ZANG”, Congratulations Graduates!

June 5, 2009

For Armenian school children, “Verjin Zang”, meaning last bell, signifies the end of the school year.  May 23rd this year marked the “Verjin Zang” for graduates of the Hovhannes Hintliyan School, in the remote Armenian town of Kayan on the Azerbaijan border.  The school is sponsored by CARS (Constantinople Armenian Relief Society), which partners with FAR in order to gain access to expert program implementation.

Hovhannes Hintliyan School Graduates

With Hintliyan School 2009 graduates res. +

Credit : FAR Staff

FAR Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan attended the graduation ceremony, and awarded graduates with financial stipends sponsored by CARS.  Mr. Lachikyan congratulated the 12 graduates, and wished them success in all future endeavors.  This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the “Nor Dprots” (New School) founded by Hovhannes Hintlian in Constantinople (Istanbul).  In commemoration of this occasion, Mr. Lachikian distributed financial aid to eight Kayan children in need, henceforth to be provided by CARS on monthly basis.  FAR’s ability to partner with other relief organizations is helping improve the lives of children in the most remote regions of Armenia.