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[FAR Scholarships]: Jerair Nishanian Scholars Receive Christmas Surprise.

December 21, 2010

By Edward Karapetyan

Christmas and New Years are very special holidays for all of us. For years it’s been a tradition at FAR to present our program beneficiaries with holiday gifts. We wish to help everyone, regardless of age or location. Presents are provided by FAR through the generous contributions of our kind supporters, who year round support our work financially as well as spiritually.

One of this year’s particularly special giving efforts was dedicated to Jerair Nishanian scholars.* Each of them received 10,000 AMD for the holidays. They were elated to receive such wonderful gifts from you, our generous supporters. They also expressed their deepest gratitude for their benefactor Jerair Nishanian.

Beneficiaries of our educational programs also received some great support. This year, nearly 200 students received new winter shoes for Christmas.

For all of you who have given, thank you.

Jerair Nishanian Scholars Greeting
Their Benefactor Mr. Jerair Nishanian


Credit: Edward Karapetyan

*The Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program helps cover the cost of tuition for students at Gavar State University, Yerevan State Engineering University, and Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction.


[FAR Scholarships]: Portrait: Grigoryan Sisters from Vanadzor Orphanage.

December 14, 2010

By Edward Karapetyan

Over the years, I have visited Vanadzor Orphanage many times. It is during these visits when for a few moments, I’m able to take a glimpse into the lives of some of the hundreds of children who have grown up there, many of whom become Gulamerian Scholars. Often there are siblings who grow up in the orphanage together and I’ve done my best to try and understand their struggles.

Recently I met with the Grigoryan sisters from Stepanavan — Margarita, 19, Marieta, 17, and Arpik, 15, who are all sponsored by the Gulamerian program. Their father Yuri left for Russia in 1995 to find work and support his family back home. The girls haven’t heard from him since. Without a permanent home, their family had been living in a dilapidated shed at the time. After their father left, conditions worsened. Their mother was hospitalized for mental illness. The children’s grandmother Zina could not support the girls so in 1999 she brought them to Vanadzor Orphanage.

I asked how they were able to adapt themselves to this new place. “It was extremely difficult,” Margarita said. “We were immediately separated from the family. But being together did help. Also, we were immediately surrounded by our kind and gentle instructors who embraced us willingly. We are so thankful to them. Little by little, this orphanage has become our dear home.” Margarita’s eyes immediately filled up with tears after she finished speaking. I imagine talking about this made her recall the most difficult days of her childhood, and her life with her mother.

The girls told me that while rarely they meet with their grandmother, now 84, and their mother, they plan to live together, as soon as their mother recovers. 

Edward Karapetyan with
Grigoryan Margarita, Marieta & Arpik

Eduard Karapetyan

Credit: Edward Karapetyan

The young women are very different from one another but each of them is kind, devoted and determined. Thanks to FAR’s Gulamerian Scholarship Program, these girls are getting an education. Each year, the program helps Armenia’s orphans obtain a higher education, either through university or vocational studies. Margarita is an excellent student at Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute’s Social-Cultural Department. Marieta studies theater at the Vanadzor branch of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography. Arpik is a student at Vanadzor State Technological College’s Department of Design.

The orphanage social worker Anahit Petrosyan described the three sisters as joyful, lively children. “They participate in every event with great enthusiasm. They always try to contribute,” she said.

Grigoryan Sisters (from left to right)
Margarita, Marieta & Arpik

Grigoryan Margarita

Credit: Edward Karapetyan

They have different professional goals but the same aim — to be the best in their field. Margarita dreams of becoming a journalist and of bringing issues related to orphans, youth and social inequality to the public’s attention. She also emphasized that her most important aim is to one day have a tight-knit, healthy family of her own. Marieta dreams of being an actress, playing parts in film and also on soap operas. The youngest Arpik wishes to paint and one day have her own exhibition.

I was pleased to see that these three sisters seem happy to be surrounded by friends and attentive instructors. But I also noticed that they exhibit some anxiety about the future. What is in store for them? Success and happiness, I truly hope. 


[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Scholar Named YSU’s Best Student.

November 30, 2010

By Edward Karapetyan

In 2008, Gyumri native Janna Harutyunyan was awarded the Mathevosian Scholarship, giving her the opportunity to study international relations at Yerevan State University. She is one of 65 Mathevosian scholars whose tuition fees are covered by FAR, thanks to the generous support of Armenian American benefactor Anush Mathevosian. Recently, Janna was awarded the “YSU Best Student” prize on International Students Day.

“When I first learned that I was selected as FAR Program beneficiary, I cried tears of joy,” Janna exclaimed. “If not for this, my unemployed parents in Gyumri would hardly be able to pay for my education.”

Since her first days as a YSU student, she’s been eager to prove herself a “Mathevosiantsi” and has earned excellent grades. Along the way, she’s received certificates of excellence from FAR, in addition to some monetary awards for her stellar academic progress. Janna is also involved in extracurricular activities. She actively participates in the Student Scientific Union, where she’s been secretary since 2009. In her free time, Janna takes lessons at the Latin Dance Studio.

Janna was selected from a pool of 100 applicants for the “Best Student” award. Now, she has even more drive to be hardworking, persistent and purposeful in her studies.

“With my success, I would like to express deep gratitude to our beloved benefactor Anush Mathevosian, on behalf of all beneficiaries,” said Janna. “I want to prove that her generous contributions to Armenia’s tomorrow are not in vain.”

The YSU Best Student ceremony was held on November 17 in YSU’s Events Hall. Numerous guests, including journalists, tutors and students attended the ceremony. Janna received a beautiful medal engraved with the portraits of Mesrop Mashtots and Sahak Partev. Along with the prize, Janna also has an opportunity to intern in the Department of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) at the Ministry of the Diaspora. 

 “YSU Best Student” Janna Harutyunyan
Janna Harutyunyan YPH Mijazgajin haraberutyunneri fak.3kurs

Credit: Edward Karapetyan

Janna remains focused on her goals. After she completes her bachelor’s degree she hopes to earn a master’s degree abroad. Her dream is to become the Armenian Ambassador to France, much like Ambassador Charles Aznavour.

“Those are only goals,” Janna said. “Even if my life leads me on another path, I will again do my best to help and support my homeland.”


[FAR Scholarships]: Journalists to Contribute to FAR’s Blog.

November 19, 2010

This year’s Margaret Ajemian Ahnert Scholarship Program beneficiaries will start to contribute to FAR’s blog. The scholarship specifically supports young women journalists; each of these scholars will start to post pieces around their individual interests in the coming months.

Naira Hambardzumyan from Yerevan State University will write about Armenia as seen through the eyes of its older generation. Bethlehem Arabyan, who is studying at Armenian State Pedagogical University, will focus on famous Armenians. There will also be some posts about youth and culture. All of us at FAR are looking forward to their input.

Meeting with Journalists at FAR Office

Credit: Levon Lachikyan


[FAR Scholarships]: The Faces of FAR’s Mathevosian Scholars.

November 12, 2010

By Eduard Karapetyan

FAR not only ensures the implementation of the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, it also builds relationships with its scholars. For 14 years, this program has enabled students from low-income families to attend university. FAR’s staff also supports these students in other ways throughout their studies, by offering moral support, helping out with professional connections and of course celebrating their academic and professional accomplishments. All in all, the Mathevosian Program is much more than a scholarship.

Thanks to the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, which was founded by Armenian-American Anush Mathevosian, many more young Armenians are successful civil servants, international relations specialists, bankers, economists, lawyers and journalists, among other professions.

Here are just a few of FAR’s excellent Mathevosian scholars:

Margarit  Iskandaryan, 
Mathevossian 2010 MA Graduate, 
Armenian State University of Economics, 
Chief Specialist at Armbusiness Bank

Iskandaryan Margarit  Mathevossian 2010 MA Graduate Now Chief Specialist at Armbusiness bank

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Hayk Khemchyan,
Mathevosian 2009 MA Graduate,
Yerevan State University, 
Attaché of Armenian Foreign Ministry

Khemchyan Hayk  Mathevossian 2009 MA Graduate, Now Attashe of Armenian Foreighn Ministry

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Shahane Aleksanyan,
2009 M.A. Yerevan State University &
American University in Armenia,
Auditor at KPMG International, Founder of NGO
“Young Professionals Employment Promotion Center”

Aleksanyan Shahane Mathevossian 2009 MA Graduate Now Audit at KPMG international audit organization

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Arus  Harutyunyan,
Mathevosian 2007 M.A. Graduate,
Armenian State University of Economics,
ProCredit Bank Branch Manager

Harutyunyan Arus Mathevosian 2007 Graduate, Now ProCredit Bank Branch Manager

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Serine Khachatryan,
M.A. Candidate at Yerevan State University,
Law Expert at RA National Assembly

Khachatryan Serine  Mathevossian MA 2nd year Student, Now Expert of RA National Assembly

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Artyom Levonyan,
Mathevosian 2008 Graduate,
Yerevan State University,
Broadcast Journalist, Public TV Company (H1)

Artyom Levonyan

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan


[FAR Scholarships]: Beneficiary Profile: Shahane Aleksanyan, Mathevosian Scholar.

November 10, 2010

By Eduard Karapetyan

For 14 years, FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program has successfully helped students from socially vulnerable families by giving them an opportunity to attend university and use their skills to contribute to the development of Armenia.

Shahane Aleksanyan is from Goris. In 2003, she was chosen as a Mathevosian Scholar, news she calls a “revolution” in her life. Her selection reinforced her belief in justice, kindness and the possibility of the future. So, in order to truly prove that she was worthy of the title “Mathevosiantsi,” she fully threw herself into her studies and earned excellent grades.

Shahane graduated with honors from Yerevan State University, obtained a master’s degree at the American University in Armenia, and was offered a job to join the team of financial experts at the Prime Minister’s Office, where she worked for one year. Shahane was successfully selected as an Auditor at “KPMG” international audit organization, where she currently works. She also tutors at Eurasia International University.

Always active, Shahane established her own NGO, “Young Professionals Employment Promotion Center” to promote the professional development amongst Armenia’s youth. The NGO aims at increasing the number of youth who are employed in Armenia. “I try my best to continue Anush Mathevosian’s excellent work,” Shahane said. She hopes that organization will serve as a structure to support young people from socially vulnerable families who want to obtain an education and strengthen their careers.

Shahane Aleksanyan

Shahane Aleksanyan

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

During our meeting, I asked Shahane how and when she manages to do all this, she simply smiled and said, “I also love to read and attend theatres in my free time.”

Shahane has a dream to get her PhD from Harvard or Cambridge. She said that she will do her best to fulfill this dream.

For me, It’s impossible to stop being proud of such an enthusiastic young girl. We sincerely wish Shahane and all Mathevostsiantsis the best of luck! We at FAR believe they will all achieve so much in life.


[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Scholars Make Academic Progress.

November 9, 2010

By Eduard Karapetyan

Days ago, FAR’s staff evaluated the progress of the 60 current Mathevosian scholars. We’re pleased to say that the majority of these students have maintained excellent grades.

Master and Residency Students
During FAR Meeting

4-Master and Residency Students academic results summarizin

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

This year many of the scholars have also participated in a number of community service efforts, including paying visits to places like Yerevan’s Zatik Orphanage and Vanadzor Old Age Home, where they spent time playing with the children and talking with elderly residents. Two of the scholars even volunteered at the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program summer camp as assistant counselors over the summer. Four of the students are also taking English classes.

Mathevosian Scholars at FAR Meeting

2-4-Students 2009-10 academic results summarizing

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

For 13 years, FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program has provided much-needed assistance to students from extremely poor families, more than half of whom have grown up in households with only one parent or with disabled parents. More than 136 students have received sponsorship since the program began. Armenian-American benefactor Anoosh Mathevosian founded this scholarship, which covers tuition for all four years of college.

Mathevosian Scholars

2-4 year Mathevosian students 2010

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Students come from all regions of Armenia and study a wide variety of subjects at a wide variety of institutions, including Yerevan State University, Armenian State University of Economics, Yerevan Polytechnic Institute and the State Agrarian University of Armenia. 

Eduard Karapetyan Awards
FAR Acknowledgement Certificate
To Anna Snkhchyan

Award Cereminy-1

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan


[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Announces First Garabed and Armine Zambak Scholars in International Relations.

November 3, 2010

NEW YORK — The Fund for Armenian Relief is please to announce that it has selected the very first Garabed and Armine Zambak Scholars. Tamara Ghalayan and Armenak Minasyants will receive full tuition coverage for their graduate studies in international relations at Yerevan State University.
Established in May 2010, the Garabed and Armine Zambak Scholarship Fund is the most recent addition to FAR’s educational programs. Armine Zambak created this fund in honor of her late husband Garabed Zambak (1915-1977), a successful entrepreneur and business leader in Istanbul who lost his father during the genocide.

Please read more in FAR Media Release.  

Tamara Ghalayan & Armenak Minasyants


Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarship]: FAR Selects the First Margaret Ajemian Ahnert Scholars.

November 1, 2010

The Fund for Armenian Relief is pleased to announce the selection of its first five Margaret Ajemian Ahnert Scholars, who now have the chance to continue their education in journalism and become future leaders in the Armenian press.

Established in July 2010, this scholarship aims to specifically support and empower aspiring female journalists by providing the opportunity to receive the education and training they need. Margaret Ajemian Ahnert established this scholarship fund in memory of her mother Ester Ajemian. The fund, administered by FAR, provides full tuition and monthly stipends to female graduate students in Armenia. Ms. Ahnert, herself a media specialist, worked for years as a television producer and a teacher before publishing her first book The Knock at the Door: A Journey Through the Darkness of the Armenian Genocide, which is based on her mother’s memories of the 1915 genocide, its unprecedented horrors and her escape.

Please read more in FARs Media Release.


[FAR Scholarships]: A Word from a Gulamerian Scholar.

October 27, 2010

By Eduard Karapetyan

Each year, the Gulamerian Scholarship Program helps Armenia’s orphans obtain a higher education, either through university or vocational studies. Out of this year’s group of 33 students, ten are enrolled in vocational programs. Tovmas Babayan is one of them. He grew up in Yerevan’s Zatik orphanage and plans to learn how to become a welder.

Zatik Orphanage Children
At The Welding Workshop

Zatik Orphanage children at welding workshop

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

“I want to master this particular specialty,” he said. “There’s a wide demand of it in our country and practicing this trade will enable me to live on my own, earn my own money and be self-sufficient.”

Tovmas Shares His Impressions
With FAR’s Eduard Karapetyan


Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Currently, 80 students from the Gavar, Vanadzor and Zatik orphanages are supported through the Gulamerian program.