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[CME]: CME Brings in First Group for 2011.

January 12, 2011

By Hambartsum Simonyan

This week, FAR welcomed the first group of 2011 participants for its Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program. Nana Karapetyan, a pediatrician from Artashat; Lusik Manatsakanyan, a therapist from Armavir; Garunik Ghushchyan, a therapist from Noyemberyan; and Astghik Gharaqeshishyan, a laboratory physician from Vanadzor, began the program yesterday. They will spend about a month working with doctors in Yerevan to learn about the latest medical advances in their specializations.

This begins the sixth year of CME. More than 255 doctors from Armenia’s rural areas have enhanced their knowledge of modern medical practice through this program since 2005. CME provides the way for these doctors to learn about innovative approaches and methodologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan free of cost.

Hambartsum Simonyan with
CME Program Participants


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan


[CME]: FAR CME Trainers Celebrate at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.

December 17, 2010

By Hambardzum Simonyan

This year, FAR’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program celebrates its sixth anniversary. In honor of such a special occasion, FAR decided to do something noteworthy for its annual Christmas reception. To thank them for all their incredible work, FAR brought the trainers to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin where His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, blessed each of them.

FAR also sent a special request to the Catholicos to give his blessings to the FAR Staff, FAR Fellowship Alumni Association board members, in addition to the CME trainers.

In his opening speech, FAR Country Director Bagrat Sargsyan expressed deep gratitude to the Catholicos for the reception and conveyed warm greetings on behalf of Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, FAR’s Board of Directors and FAR Vice-Chairman Dr. Edgar Housepian. Bagrat briefly talked about the FAR CME Program, along with the trainers’ achievements.

Ara Babloyan, FAR FAA Board member and National Assembly member, described the philosophy of FAR’s medical programs and their progress over the recent years. “During the 1990s FAR trained 100 physicians in the U.S. Later, those 100 physicians trained and shared their experience with thousands of Armenian doctors through the CME Program. We sincerely hope this program will expand even more in the future and create more opportunities.”

His Holiness Karekin II thanked all trainers for their volunteer work, benevolence and contribution to healthcare in Armenia. “I highly appreciate the great work done by FAR, and the devotion of the volunteer physicians, who willingly help the Armenian community,” he said.

The reception was concluded with a tour of Etchmiadzin, which highlighted Christian heritage and spiritual art works.

CME gives doctors from Armenia’s rural areas the opportunity to enhance their modern medical knowledge and practice. These doctors have the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches and methodologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan free of cost.

Christmas Reception_CME7.jpg

Christmas Reception_CME.jpg

Credit: Felix Arustamyan


[CME]: Colleagues helping Colleagues. Salzburg Medical Seminars: An Important Approach to Medical Education in Armenia.

December 16, 2010

By Hambartsum Simonyan

Beginning in 2003, the FAR Fellowship Alumni Association (FARFAA) began the Salzburg International Medical Seminars local coordination in Armenia, a program of the Open Medical Institute. The Salzburg Seminars program is the largest educational program for doctors in Central and Eastern Europe and in the former Soviet republics.

In 2005, FARFAA with FAR financing started the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program for Armenian provincial physicians, while also integrating the Salzburg program.  Salzburg fellows serve as mentors to doctors from Armenia’s regional hospitals and policlinics. Each year, more and more fellows join the CME program as trainers.

Today, one of CME’s main goals is to recruit more volunteer trainers to mentor CME program participants. Experience has shown that the best way to motivate them is to provide an opportunity to receive training abroad through the Salzburg program. FAR recently gave grants to seven medical specialists from Armenia who will travel to Salzburg and potentially become CME program trainers. Participants were selected by the FARFAA Medical Board and will be confirmed by American Austrian Foundation (AAF).

Salzburg Medical Seminar’s Participants


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

FARFAA provides a wonderful network through which doctors can learn about conferences and seminars in Armenia and abroad. FARFAA hopes to create a strong tie between medical professionals in Armenia and in the West. The Salzburg fellows are living examples of this. The program’s objective is to train the best of the best in Salzburg who will then continue to help their colleagues, just as their American and Austrian colleagues helped them. 


[CME]: Physicians Gather in Gegharkunik for FAR’s Latest Seminar.

November 22, 2010

By Hambartsum Simonyan

FAR’s most recent medical seminar on cardiology and neurology was held on November 18 at the Martuni Medical Center in Gegharkunik Marz. It was lead by specialists from Yerevan State Medical University’s clinical divisions, including Professors Hamayak Sisakyan, and Hovhannes Manvelyan, among other leading specialists.

Professor Sisakyan With His Colleagues
At Cardiology and Neurology Seminar


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

About 35 neurologists, therapists, and ICU specialists from Gegharkunik Marz attended the seminar. As part of the Continuing Medical Education Program, medical seminars are another accessible way for physicians in Armenia’s rural provinces to learn about the latest practices, procedures and developments in the field.

Professor Manvelyan Delivering a Lecture 
During the Seminar


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan


[CME]: After Five Years, More Than 250 of Armenia’s Medical Professionals Impacted.

November 5, 2010

By Hambartsum Simonyan

FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) ended October with another five graduates, putting the total number of those who have completed CME at 250 since the program started five years ago. Throughout the years, participants have come from all over Armenia. This month’s hailed from Talin, Spitak, Noyemberyan and Abovyan.

All received their certificates at FAR’s Yerevan office last week, during which participants expressed their hope to maximize their CME experience as much as possible, and to cooperate with CME in the future.

 CME Coordinator Hambartsum Simonyan &
Hasmik Manukyan with CME Graduates


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

“This training program has created new opportunities for networking and it gave us the opportunity to learn the latest medical innovations and technologies. Thanks to the program and our new connections, we have now access to information on all conferences, seminars and medical events,” said Sirush Stepanyan, a physician from Noyemberyan. “I could never imagine that free training in our country could be so effective and informative. This inspires all of us to improve the quality of our healthcare – both individually and as a nation.”

(from left to right) Sirush Stepanyan,
Satenik Grigoryan and Leyli Ghambaryan


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

Meeting With CME Graduates


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

CME gives doctors from Armenia’s rural areas the opportunity to enhance their modern medical knowledge and practice. These doctors have the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches and methodologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan free of cost.


[CME]: FAR Helps To Organize TB Conference in Armenia.

November 4, 2010

By Hambartsum Simonyan

The Armenian Association of Tuberculosis Specialists, the Yerevan State Medical University Clinical Division of Tuberculosis and FAR on October 30 held a one-day workshop on relevant issues surrounding TB and TB research at YSMU’s Zeytun Campus in Yerevan. About 60 TB specialists from around the country participated in this event.

TB Conference Participants


Credit:Hambartsum Simonyan

Leading specialists and experts in the field presented the current situation surrounding this aspect of public health in Armenia. In addition, projects and programs aimed at improving the TB situation in Armenia were also presented.

In their speeches, Doctor Marina Safaryan, professor and president of the Association of Armenian TB Specialists, and Yelena Stamboltsyan, professor at the Republican TB Dispensary, encouraged all participants to be more active in their professional network with TB specialists as well as with other specialists in primary health care level.

Doctor Marina Safaryan Opening the Event


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

Doctor Yelena Stamboltsyan Delivering a Lecture


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan


[CME]: Board Members Dr. Aram Chobanian and Dr. Edgar Housepian Honored by Yerevan State Medical University.

October 29, 2010

By Hambartsum Simonyan

FAR board members Doctor Aram Chobanian, President Emeritus of Boston University and Chairman of Yerevan State Medical University’s Board of International Advisors, and Doctor Edgar Housepian, Professor Emeritus of Columbia University and FAR founder, were recently given YSMU’s highest medals of honor.

Between October 6th and 10th, the medical school held a series of events, concluding a year of celebrations centered around its  90th Anniversary.

They included research symposiums, thematic conferences, workshops, social programs, the contemporary art exhibition “Optimizm”, as well as the presentation of certificates of acknowledgement and major awards. Dr. Chobanian and Dr. Housepian were honorable guests of the celebration, recognized for their great work with FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program.

FAR has collaborated with YSMU on the CME program since it was founded in 2005.

Dr. Aram Chobanian Receiving
YSMU’s Highest Medal of Honor

Aram Chobanian_

Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

Dr. Edgar Housepian Receiving
YSMU’s Highest Medal of Honor

Edgar Housepian

Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

CME gives doctors from Armenia’s rural areas the opportunity to enhance their modern medical knowledge and practice.  These doctors have the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches and methodologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan free of cost. CME also holds symposiums throughout the year.