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[CSFC]: Third Annual Best for Our Children Event a Huge Success.

June 8, 2010

For the third year in a row, FAR carried on a wonderful tradition of holding The Best for Our Children event in honor of International Children’s Rights Day on June 1. Twenty thousand people gathered in Yerevan’s Victory Park on June 2 to celebrate and bring greater momentum to this movement.

More than 70 representatives from the business, art, and political sectors, wearing aprons marked with The Best for Our Children, sold juice, ice cream, and other treats in the park. Leading companies like Coca-Cola, Grand Candy, Ashtarak Kat, Tamara, Shant ASA, Daroink, and Zuzu were among those represented. Ardshininvestbank, Moscow House in Yerevan, World Medicine, as well as the Iranian company Diba and Dina, provided homemade cookies, caps, balls, and journals, which were autographed by local celebrities and auctioned off.

National Assembly Representative Arevik Petrosyan and First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration Vache Terteryan also attended. The day closed with a free open-air concert and fireworks.

FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC), with the help of supporter Bella Kocharyan, organized the entire event, which aimed to bring greater public attention to the issues of children, strengthen Armenia’s growing culture of philanthropy, and fundraise for the CSFC’s child protection programs.



Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC]: Seeking to Address the Problems of Child Abuse II.

May 19, 2010

FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC) has made an incredible difference by helping abused and neglected children receive the support and services they need for the past 10 years.

The center’s excellent staff continually help children like Argishti, who are desperate for their support. Argishti was referred to the center because his mother had started abusing drugs with a former boyfriend. She continued her habit even after the relationship ended, began to neglect Argishti, and is now hospitalized due to her addiction. Her child is now in the hands of CSFC counselors who are helping her to regain a normal, stable life. It is yet another case that forces CSFC to try and figure out how to combat such destructive situations.

“Of course, parents still have the primary responsibility to safeguard their children from violence and neglect. To tackle this issue, however, a holistic approach is necessary. Community-based systems are essential and need to be expanded,” says CSFC Director Mira Antonyan. “Violence against children is never justifiable. Nor is it inevitable. If its underlying causes are identified and addressed, violence against children is entirely preventable.”

Argishti, a young beneficiary at the Children Center


Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC]: Seeking to Address the Problems of Child Abuse.

May 14, 2010

For the past 10 years, FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC) has helped abused and neglected youth receive the support and services they need. According to the center, mental instability is considered a major cause of the abusive behavior some parents direct toward their children and a recent case reflects this growing problem.

One case involved three siblings whose mother was arrested for abuse. She had also previously spent time in jail for the murder of her boyfriend. Prior to her second arrest, she was extremely unstable, easily agitated by her children, and prone to beating them. One day her eight-year-old child was playing loudly with her cousin. Unable to stand the noise, the mother rushed outside and stabbed her child with a knife. The child is now hospitalized and her siblings are now at the center.

Case like these incorporate some of the major issues about the growing tendencies of child problems. It forces members of CSFC to grapple with complicated questions: What can we do to combat these wide spread problems? What does the future hold for these children?

CSFC is seeking to address these problems through the development of a legislative framework for the early identification, registration, referral, and treatment of child abuse.


Credit: FAR Staff


[CSFC] : Promoting Foster Care

August 19, 2009

More than 110 people – government officials and dignitaries alike – filled the Tekeyan Center on May 14th to discuss the importance of foster care with FAR. The event, which was conducted in cooperation with UNICEF-Armenia, opened with a blessing from the priest Ter-Zgon. Testimonies from experts and from families themselves extolled foster care as key to prevent the institutionalization of Armenian children and help biological families overcome their problems and reunite with their children.

Participants included representatives from the Armenian government (including the vice-prime minister), the National Assembly, public council, Child Rights Protection Units, UNICEF-Armenia, Yerevan State University, the state police, the Armenian Apostolic Church, and from the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues. Members of local and international organizations, foster families, and representatives from state childcare institutions also attended.

The audience gathered to discuss foster care


Credit : FAR Staff


[CSFC]: A Second Chance

August 18, 2009

Another child has a second chance at life thanks to FAR’s Children Support Center. Armine, 5, was admitted to the center about a month ago after a concerned resident discovered that she and her family were barley surviving in an undeveloped area of Ashtarak.

Armine, her mother, and her father had called an underground hole their home for five years, during which time they were isolated almost completely from Armenian society.

Today, Armine is receiving psychological counseling and therapy as well as social support from the center. Step-by-step she is being rehabilitated by the center’s excellent staff, who teach her basic daily habits like how to bathe and eat meals from a table instead of off the ground, and how to integrate into society.


Armine's house 1

Credit : Levon Lachikyan


[CSFC]: GlaxoSmithKline Visit

August 10, 2009

Medical representatives from GlaxoSmithKline recently visited FAR’s Children’s Center. As part of the visit, the representatives donated clothes and medicine on the behalf of GlaxoSmithKline. After taking a brief tour of the Center and socializing with the children, representatives promised to cover medical costs for one of the children who suffers from extremely poor vision.

From the left to right: Ms Armenuhi Arustamyan, Ms. Venera Tamamyan, Ms. Viktoria Atovmyan, and Mrs. Narine Madoyan (CSFC doctor)


Credit : FAR Staff


[CSFC]: UNICEF visits Childrens’ Center

August 5, 2009

Last month, Steven Allen, Regional Director of United Nations Children’s Fund Regional Office for CEE/CIS, Laylee Moshiri, a Representative of UNICEF-Armenia, Cristina Roccelli, a Deputy Representative of UNICEF-Armenia, Hayk Khemchyan, a Child Protection Officer for UNICEF-Armenia, and Hasmik Arakelyan, a Program Assistant Info/Com. & Child Protection visited FAR’s Children’s Center, as it is a leading organization of child protection in Armenia.

The guests took a brief tour around the Center, socialized with the children and took pictures with them.  Many of the representatives took seats on the ground in order to more closely associate with the children.  “Mrs. Mira Antonyan and her staff are having all capacities to pilot new projects in Armenia and to make better the lives of children” represented Ms. Laylee Moshiri and added “UNICEF-Armenia will further collaborate with the Children’s Centre”.  Ms. Cristina Roccelli expressed her readiness to help the Centre in establishment of networks in all regions of Armenia.

From left to right: Mr. H. Khemchyan, Mrs. M. Antonyan, Mr. Steven Allen, Ms. H. Arakelyan, Ms. Laylee Moshiri and Ms. Cristina Roccelli

Credit : FAR Staff


[CSFC] : Update on the Child Protection Hotline

July 8, 2009

A Republican Forum dedicated to the Children’s Protection Hotline recently took place at Yerevan’s Tekeyan Center.  The hotline is a unique service that provides an immediate response to children in crisis situations. The purpose of the forum was to unite professional forces to increase identification of children at risk.  The forum discussion was initiated by the FAR Children Support Center Foundation, with participation from other Children Protection Network member organizations and representatives from the Armenian government.

Hotline posters at the forum


Credit : Levon Lachikyan

Starting in 2008, the Children Protection Hotline was expanded.  ArmenTel CJSC has provided a toll-free  number for the hotline, giving those in need the opportunity to get in touch with professionals around the clock.


[CSFC] : Gratitude Event

June 25, 2009

Following the success of the June 2nd “Best for our Children” event held in Victory Park, FAR thanked contributing participants with a reception held at the Children’s Center office.  The reception opened with a brief performance by young beneficiaries sheltered at the Center.  Following the performance, Mira, the CROC Director, thanked all of the individuals and organizations who contributed to making the June 2nd event a success.  FAR CROC “Friends Council,” led by Mrs. Bella Kocharyan, wife of former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan, specially thanked various participating organizations and the artists.

Former first lady Bella Kocharyan along with Bagrat Sargsyan, FAR Armenia Country Director and Mira Antonyan, FAR Homeless Children Center Director

Bagrat with Bella Kocharian 1 Res.

Credit : FAR Staff


[CSFC] : UNICEF Representatives Visit the Children’s Center

May 26, 2009

Friday, May 22nd – Ms. Laylee Moshiri, a Representative of UNICEF-Armenia, and Mr. Hayk Khemchyan, a Child Protection Officer for UNICEF-Armenia, visited FAR’s  Homeless Children Center.  In an effort to learn about the Center’s operation and evaluate its condition, the UNICEF representatives toured the Center and spent time with the children.  Most importantly, the Center Director met with the UNICEF representatives to generate new ideas for further collaboration between FAR and UNICEF, so that FAR may continue to serve the needs of underprivileged children in Armenia.

Mr. Khemchyan (on the left) and Ms. Moshiri (on the right) are welcomed by Mira Antonyan at Homeless Children’s Center


Credit : FAR Staff