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[GITC] : Fourth of July at GITC

July 7, 2009

While Americans celebrated a holiday, some Armenians were hard at work. Specifically, second year students at the Gyumri Information Technology Center publicly defended their diploma thesis projects. These capstone works in hardware and software development demonstrated that each student had mastered their respective two year curriculum’s. Thesis supervisors, visiting professors, and the school’s administration deliberated after the public presentations to assign grades according to published standards institutionalized for the first time this year.

For a look-see at what the proceedings were like, go look at our partner’s photo gallery page and check out the Thesis Defense 2009 gallery.

These students will be graduating in a formal ceremony on July 18, 2009. Dr. Aram Hajian, Dean of the Computer Information Systems department at the American University of Armenia, will be the keynote speaker. Check this blog for a gallery of that event soon after that date.


[FAR’s Projects] : New Picture Galleries Available

June 30, 2009

One of FAR’s partners has posted some new photo galleries about recent events at the Gyumri Information Technology Center and the 2009 FAR Young Professionals tour of Armenia. The gallery index page is at:

Three galleries have just been posted: a visit from the Ministry of the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister to the GITC, a student field trip to VivaCell’s headquarters and switching facilities in Yerevan, and the FAR YP tour itself.

The FAR YP gallery, we’re proud to say, has some short notes about the tour’s itinerary. Be sure to enlarge your browser’s window or scroll down the page to read the note under each photo.

If you have not seen them already, follow the link on the gallery index page to the partner’s Extras page for some other galleries from 2006 and 2008.


[GITC]: Vivacell Presentation

June 3, 2009

GTech students in Armenia received a presentation from Ralph Yirikian, General Manager of VivaCell, a communication firm which has been involved in the development of the telecommunication sector in Armenia.  Mr. Yirikian introduced the company to students and discussed potential future employment opportunities for promising students.

The audience consisted of approximately 100 people: GTech pupils and staff, students and instructors from other local universities, local priests and media personnel.  Executive Director Jason Paul Kazarian introduced Mr. Yirikian. During his introduction, Mr. Kazarian discussed new enrollment at GTech.  Mr. Yirikian of VivaCell expressed appreciation for the existence of institutions such as GTech, and the presentation was quite encouraging for all.  FAR’s GTech continuously works to foster relationships with technology firms, creating a brighter future for Armenian students interested in technology.

Mr. Yirikian with GTech students

Yerekyan and GITC students

Credit : FAR Staff