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[CME]: Better Qualified Doctors for Armenia.

July 30, 2010

Four of Armenia’s doctors are now even more capable and better equipped to serve their home regions after completing FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program. All of these doctors, normally based in Armenia’s provincial regions, spent the month of July training with leading specialists in Yerevan. Graduation was held today at FAR’s office.

Dr. Hambartsum Simonyan, FAR’s health programs coordinator, thanked each of this month’s fellows for their enthusiasm, responsible attitudes, and their effectiveness.

Each of the fellows focused on different specialties — anesthesiology, pathology, neonatology, and infectious disease — and all said their practice will now benefit greatly from this new experience.

CME Doctors Graduate

Cme 2

Credit: FAR Staff

CME gives doctors from Armenia’s rural areas the opportunity to enhance their modern medical knowledge and practice. These doctors have the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches and methodologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan free of cost.

Dr. Alvard Hayrapetyan worked in the anesthesia and intensive care department of Kanaker-Zeytun Medical Center, where she focused on spinal anesthesiology.  She’ll return home in Vanadzor knowing how to better monitor patients during surgery and also pass these techniques onto her staff members. Dr. Armine Harutyunyan participated in CME for the second time. A pathologist, she focused on the diagnosis of cancer in women. Dr. Stepan Melronyan, an infectious disease specialist, focused on improved diagnosis of certain infectious diseases like tuberculosis at Abovyan Hospital. And Dr. Hasmik Muradyan focused on becoming better acquainted with new technologies and equipment for neonatal care. 

CME Doctors Graduate

Cme 1

Credit: FAR Staff


[CME]: FAR Explores Medical Education Opportunity in Nagorno-Karabagh.

July 26, 2010

Dr. Hambartsum Simonyan, coordinator of FAR’s health programs, and Yerevan State Medical University Vice Rector Dr. Gevorg Yaghjyan, made a trip to Karabagh last week to visit with the new Minister of Health Dr. Sergey Movesesyan, and explore the opportunities for cooperation between the ministry, FAR, and YSMU. Both doctors made presentations about FAR’s Continuing Medical Education programs and Salzburg International Medical Seminars to physicians from hospitals, clinics, and maternity wards throughout Stepanakert.

In addition, the doctors organized visits to the Pediatric hospital in Stepanakert and general hospital in Shushi. They also stopped in Goris to meet with four YSMU residents and eight medical students who are spending their summer there.

Through these efforts, FAR and YSMU hope to interest more doctors in their programs and improve overall quality of healthcare in the provinces.

Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan (right) & Dr. Gevorg Yaghjyan (left)
with NK Minister of Health Dr. Sergey Movesesyan (middle)


Credit: FAR Staff

Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan & Dr. Gevorg Yaghjyan
with Doctors from the General Hospital in Sushi


Credit: FAR Staff


[CME]: CME Mentors Look Forward.

July 20, 2010

Program trainers for FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program met with staff on July 9 to review program statistics, achievements, success stories, and also brainstorm ways to strengthen the program in the future. This is the first of two such meetings that will be held this year.

Since 2005, the CME program has enabled Armenian doctors in the provinces to enhance their medical skills to better serve their patients and improve the country’s overall healthcare system. The number of trainers involved in the program has continually increased thanks to partnerships with the Salzburg International Medical Seminar program, Yerevan State Medical University clinics, among others.

CME Program trainers and mentors, the vice dean of YSMU, the director of the Republican Scientific Medical Library, and the Salzburg Medical Program coordinator for Armenia all participated.


Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Medical Residents To Be Selected Later This Month.

July 8, 2010

Students graduating from Yerevan State Medical University convened in the university’s main conference hall last week to learn about how to complete their clinical residencies. FAR used this opportunity to share information about the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, which specifically supports students who are pursuing their studies at Yerevan State University. All YSMU medical students were encouraged to apply. Applicants will be selected at the end of July.


Credit: FAR Staff


[CME]: FAR’s medical program OK’d by Ministry of Health.

July 6, 2010

Armenia’s Ministry of Health accepted FAR’s semi-annual health program report, which covers FAR’s work in this area from January through June. The report provides a comprehensive overview of initiatives like physician training through the Continuing Medical Education Program, the distribution of medical supplies to the clinics and hospitals that need it most, and continuing education seminars and conferences held throughout the country.


[CME]: Doctors Complete FAR’s Regional Training Program.

June 3, 2010

Five more doctors completed FAR’s CME Regional Doctors Training Program last week. The program, which enables Armenia’s physicians to sharpen their skills and expertise in order to better serve their patients in provincial regions, helps to bring better health care to all Armenians.

Some graduates presented the clinical findings from their case studies to colleagues after becoming certified by the Armenian Ministry of Health.

Doctors during CME training


Credit: FAR Staff


[CME]: FAR Distributes Important Medical Supplies.

May 13, 2010

FAR recently donated more medical supplies to hospitals and healthcare centers around Armenia. Several of these institutions are grappling with financial difficulties, so these supplies are really a necessary means of support.

Medicine, first aid kits, medical equipment, and other crucial items were delivered to the Republican Burn Center, ArtMed Medical Center, Eghegnadzor Medical Center, Dilidjan Medical Center, Yerevan State Medical University clinics, and the Republican TB Dispensary.


Credit: FAR Staff


[CME]: FAR Congratulates Four More CME Graduates.

May 12, 2010

Four more physicians recently graduated from FAR’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) program. Marat Hakobyan, a therapist from the Masis region; Robert Hakobyan, an anesthesiologist from Karabagh; Evelina Sarafyan, an oncologist from the Abovian region; and finally Heghine Karapetyan, a cardiologist from the Hrazdan region will now join the growing pool of exceptional physicians who have benefited from this program.

CME offers provincial doctors from all over Armenia the chance to enhance their medical skills through training with top medical leaders in Yerevan free of cost. The result is better medical care for more Armenians.

Marat Hakobyan, Robert Hakobyan,
Evelina Sarafyan, and Heghine Karapetyan


Credit: FAR Staff


[CME]: FAR Supports Publication of Essential Medical Journal.

May 4, 2010

The seventh issue of the Armenian Medical Review Journal was recently presented at the Republican Scientific Medical Library in Yerevan. Publication of this particular issue, which focuses on emergency health care, was made possible with FAR’s support.

Special guest Professor Anatoly P. Zilber, chairman of the Department of Intensive Care and Anesthesia at Petrozavodsk University and Republican Hospital of Karelia in Russia, joined the conference by phone and congratulated his colleagues in Armenia. Since it is rare for such medical journals to be published in former Soviet countries, Professor Zilber emphasized the importance this issue.

Other speakers from Yerevan State Medical University and various health centers also mentioned the journal’s intrinsic value to the medical community.

Journal 1.jpg

[CME]: Healthcare leaders present in Yerevan.

May 3, 2010

FAR Health Programs Director Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan and Dr. Gevorg Yaghjyan, vice rector of postgraduate education at Yerevan State Medical University, recently attended the International Congress of Postgraduate and Continuing Education in Yerevan where they presented on the importance of establishing a new accreditation system for continuing medical education.

As a leader in this area, FAR is tied to this topic. Our Continuing Medical Education program gives doctors around the country the opportunity to enhance their medical skills with top training from experts in Yerevan. Healthcare providers from all specializations benefit from this program every year.