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[GTech]: USAID visits GTech.

August 6, 2010

On August 3rd, the Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) hosted a delegation from USAID headed by Deputy Administrator Jonathan Hale. USAID’s Competitive Armenian Private Sector Program (CAPS) was launched at GTech in March. The objective of the program is to introduce new educational services in information technology by training a team of highly qualified instructors from Gyumri.

The group met with GTech Director Gurgen Paronyan and they toured the center to get acquainted with its activities, visions, and goals. GTech’s staff and students were available to answer any questions. The group also met with Andranik Ghukasyan, project manager of GTech’s Incubation Center, and also with recent graduates who are involved in the center’s projects.

FAR, in partnership with several technology companies, created the Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) in 2005 with the goal of broadening the skills of young Armenians and expanding opportunities in the region. Today, GTech is the only educational institution in the area that provides training in IT technology.


Credit: FAR Staff


[GTech]: More Qualified IT Experts for Armenia.

August 2, 2010

After two years of hard work and dedication, 14 Gyumri Information Technology Center students received their diplomas during a graduation ceremony at Gyumri’s Cinema October Hall this month. Instructors, alumni, family and friends from Gyumri and Yerevan filled the room. The day was a fitting close to their program, but also a wonderful commencement of a new chapter in the lives of these now highly qualified IT experts who have a better chance of exceling in their field. GTech staff members and everyone at FAR wish these graduates the very best.


Credit: FAR Staff

As the only educational institution in the area, which provides training in information technology, GTech has brought new opportunity and growth to Armenia and it has given Armenians the skills they need to take part in this growing industry since 2005.


Credit: FAR Staff


[GTech]: Grad Students Present Final Projects.

July 19, 2010

Fourteen GTech graduates presented their final theses to the institute’s board members, advisors, and other students last week. The projects reflected the students’ knowledge they’ve gained over the two years of their program and their ability to work with a team environment.

Topics, like a Gyumri Information Portal,, GTech Course Management System, and a Survey Research Tool will promote innovation in the Armenian Information Technology field.

For more information please visit GTech’s website.


Credit: FAR Staff


[GTech]: Sharing Valuable Knowledge at GTECH.

May 24, 2010

With a new degree in business management information systems from the University of Vermont and a job offer in hand, Zari Bazarian is one of many successful 2010 college graduates. And while poised to begin a great career, upon graduation Zari wanted to take some time off and help others with her skills before starting a new job. So, she came to Armenia.

Zari arrived on May 4 and is spending a month volunteering at FAR’s Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTECH), the only educational institution in Gyumri that provides training in IT technology. With her unique background in both technology and business, Zari is assessing GTECH’s curricula as well as its newly formed business incubation unit in order to give comprehensive feedback on how the program and its graduates can be made more competitive in the long run.

She has also been making presentations on cultural differences between the United States and Armenia. In her free time she’s soaking up the day-to-day experience of Armenian living and learning the language in order to better connect with her family’s roots.

Zari Bazarian with GTech Students

Zari @ GITC classroom.JPG

Credit: FAR Staff


[GTech]: New Employment Opportunity Comes to GTECH.

May 20, 2010

This month Malcolm Sanders Management (MSA) opened its doors in the Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTECH), offering a new source of employment for graduates. MSA Management is the newest branch of the global food import/export business Sanders Group, which currently operates in China, Singapore, Morocco, and Ghana. The group was founded by Australian businessman Malcolm Sanders.

MSA Management will help import and export information technology work from GTECH, the only educational institution in Gyumri that provides training in IT technology. Graduates of GTECH will have the option of working in the new Incubation Unit where MSA Management will act as a broker to provide projects and work from various foreign companies.


Credit: FAR Staff


[GTech]: USAID’s CAPS is supporting “Training of Trainees” Program.

March 17, 2010

Supported by USAID’s Competitive Armenian Private Sector Program (CAPS) a new project of “Training of Trainees/TOT/” is being realized at the Gyumri IT Center (GTech) since March 1st.

GITC currently recruits the vast majority of instructors from Yerevan, paying not only salary but transportation and lodging costs. On the other hand, people in Gyumri who need work experience to be effective cannot find jobs in the region. In addition to increased expenses, part-time instructors from Yerevan cannot engage in activities normally expected from a post-graduate educational institution. Thus, the offering of incubation and research programs at GTech is very limited at the moment and impedes the improvement of service, quality, and variety.

“Train the Trainers” overall objective is to introduce new educational services via creation of a core group of qualified instructors who live in Gyumri. The candidates are GTech graduates and the trainers are high experienced employees and instructors from Armenian high tech companies. The two month research phase of the project has already started. The main trainings will start in May 1st and last for six months.

With the new grant and within the initiative of the Government of Armenia to establish a Techno City in Gyumri, GTech is now even better situated to play an important role as training hub and model for replication.





[GTech]: The Spring 2010 Semester has started…

March 12, 2010

By Amalya Yeghoyan

The first day of Spring was not only a warm start into nicer weather for the GTech students but also heralds the 2010 Spring semester. A new semester is opening new opportunities for GTech students. They are getting specialized in many professional areas like “Operating Systems including windows, Mac and Unix”, “Dynamic Web development on the basis of Static Web Development”, “Java Programming”, “Network Technologies via CISCO and D-Link Programs”, “Data Base Management”, “C++” and many more. Together with the high tech courses the curriculum also includes courses of “Project Management” and “Technical English”.

At the beginning of Spring 2010 semester GTech has formed its brand new Incubation Center with the help of our professional and high skilled project manager Andranik Ghukasyan. The Incubation Center will enable graduates and students to perform “real life” projects, a great preparation for the professional environment they are about to enter.

The semester will last 16 weeks and will end with 2010 diploma projects and graduation.

New 2010 students at GTech


Credit: FAR Staff