[FAR & BAFA Soup Kitchens]: Beneficiary Profile: Nora Gzoghyan.

January 10, 2011

“Grandma” Nora Gzoghyan is 70 years old. She has come to the Nor Hajn Soup Kitchen since the day it opened in 1995. With an elder sister who’s ill and bed ridden, Grandma Nora always saves a portion of her daily meal to take home to her sister.

“We live together in a dormitory,” said Nora, who is her sister’s sole caretaker. “I thank God for this place, this soup kitchen, where I can find warmth and a daily meal. It is here where I have friends and where I am surrounded by dear people. When the soup kitchen is closed during the weekend, my sister and I stay hungry for days. I only receive a pension now, which is hardly enough to live on.”

Nora Gzoghyan

Nora Gzoghyan 1

Credit: Felix Arustamyan

Grandma Nora lost her husband 25 years ago and she has no children. For years, she worked as a custodian in a local school. She extolled the kindness of the kitchen’s staff who always make her feel at home. “They come and ask me if I need something, like if I want a hot tea to warm myself from the cold. I am so thankful for all of them.”

Due to her serious vision problems, FAR Soup Kitchen Coordinator Rafik Martirosyan helped Grandma Nora obtain necessary medicine, which is brought to the kitchen for her each week.

“My hope and belief is in this place,” she said, as tears welled up in her eyes.

Grandma Nora Receives Christmas Presents

Nora Gzoghyan with Christmas presents

Credit: Felix Arustamyan

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