[Web Wrap]: The Roots of Christmas.

January 7, 2011

Was Christmas originally Pagan? Maybe not. Check it out.

Via The Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America

A reliable feature of recent Christmas seasons is the chorus of voices in our newspapers, magazines, and television programs, “assuring” us that the roots of Christmas lie in pagan celebratory practices. But is that really the case?

In an article titled “How December 25 Became Christmas” (published in “Biblical Archaeology Review,” and available online here), a scholar of the early Christian movement questions this conventional wisdom of the secular world. Simultaneously, he offers an alternative explanation rooted in the authentic Christian spirituality of the 2nd through 4th centuries A.D. Armenian Christian readers will take a special interest in the writer’s knowledgeable references to the Armenian Church’s traditional date for our Lord’s nativity—January 6—which provides a vital piece of evidence for the case he makes.

Please continue reading here.

Pieter Bruegel’s 1566 Oil Painting of Bethlehem
At the Time of Christ’s Birth.

Credit: The Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America

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