[Armenian Life]: Cleaning Sevan.

December 21, 2010

By Edward Karapetyan

Since 2005, the Armenian Government has been paying particularly close attention to maintaining the ecological balance of Lake Sevan, specifically the lake’s water level, which has decreased greatly in recent years.

In 2009, the government approved a multi-staged project proposed by the Committee on Lake Sevan Issues to help raise water levels.  Implementation will cost 44 billion AMD over the next five years. Beginning this year, the project has been more intensely implemented. Forest-covered areas, which have sunk deeper and deeper below the water line, are being cleared. Scientists are also clearing submerged vegetation and trees in the lake to avoid to formation of marshes. Also, the government imported special Watermaster equipment from Finland to cleanse the lake’s basin from water trees Special equipment from Finland to benefit Armenia’s Lake Sevan Basin.

There is also a future project connected with Sevan’s National Park,   which is anticipated to be implemented by the year 2030.

Cleaning Sevan with New Machines

Cleaning of Sevan

Credit: Edward Karapetyan

To read more about Cleaning of Sevan, read ArmeniaNow’s recent article: One lake, many problems: Environmentalists alarmed over diseased fish in Sevan.

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