[Web Wrap]: Smoking the Pipe of Peace.

December 16, 2010

“We’re sharing that same spirit with the people who come here, especially as we believe in a fusion of cultures.”
   – Hratch Padoyan

A new place to go in Yerevan. We like that. 

By Onnik Krikorian via Ararat Magazine

Just another early evening in Yerevan, and the streets are still full of people. Despite the temperature slowly dropping, their destination for a night out before the cold weather finally sets in might be predictable, but for those few seeking an alternative to the glitzy cafés that have all but decimated the parks and other green areas downtown, there are now a few other options. In particular, there is Calumet [Facebook Page], an ethnic lounge and bar close to the corner of Pushkin and Parpetsi streets, which opened in July.

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After an Impromptu Jamming Session,
Customers and Musicians Continue
To Share the Spirit that is Calumet


Credit: Onnik Krikorian via Ararat Magazine


  1. I think the quote is better credited to Hratch Padoyan, one of the co-owners of Calumet, who said it. Regardless, I totally agree.

  2. Thank you so much Onnik, for your response.
    We will credit Hratch Padoyan, as you suggested.

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