[CSFC]: Two More Children Admitted to Center Following Mother’s Attempted Suicide.

December 7, 2010

By Mira Antonyan

Last week, two more children arrived at FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC) in Yerevan. Tragically, their mother Armine* recently attempted suicide. Just 25 years old, she was trying to raise both of her sons on her own. Their father is said to have fled to Russia. 

Armine was working in a Yerevan factory and living in its dormitory when she was diagnosed with kidney problems and hospitalized. Her colleagues raised money to pay for her treatment, and she had her kids placed in a kindergarten while they stayed with neighbors. Upon her release from the hospital, Armine found out that she could not afford to pay the 9,000 AMD monthly bills for each of her children. Caught in a deepening and severe depression, Armine lost hope that she would be able to continue to care for her family in the future. She then swallowed an entire bottle of sleeping pills.

“I took pills because I didn’t want to throw myself off of my balcony. I was afraid that people would photograph my lifeless body below,” she said, through her tears. “My children are my happiness. I don’t want them to be placed in orphanages. They are my life.” 

“For some, a suicide attempt is a way to express deep emotional pain,” a CSFC social worker said. “They cannot say how they feel, so for them attempting suicide seems like the only way they can get their message across.”

Armine is now recovering in the hospital while her children are safely living at the center until the family can be reunited. FAR will also do its best to assist this family in their recovery.


Credit: Mira Antonyan

*Names have been kept confidential to protect identity.


  1. Hi Mira,
    An interesting and very sad.I wonder if you have an idea about how many cases of attempted suicide is registered in Armenia. Here in Montreal it is a huge problem…
    What attracted my attention is her projected image of herself “not to be seen by people“ if she would choose the balcony… Quite a phantasy to be analysed, no?
    A wonderful role for the Center for the children.
    Why is their photo on the Internet? Fundraising? …
    My warmest wishes to you and your staff.

    • Dear Karen,

      Thank for your kind words.

      At the moment we do not have an exact number and therefore do not know how many suicide cases are registered in Armenia. Unfortunately, however, we do observe a growing tendency of cases like this one. We increasingly come across parents without hope who, for many reasons, loose interest to live and attempt suicide and are not even stopped by the responsibility for their children. I would also like to mention that “Social Suicides” progressively spread among teenagers, beneficiaries of the Center, and/or their parents. I think that we have to face this bitter reality before we can expect any improvement.

      The stories of the children are shared to make everybody aware of the special circumstances that makes it necessary for us to protect and help them. FAR and the Children Center are very particular about children rights. Every photo we publish is carefully chosen and names are either not given or changed, except for very specific cases.

      You know, as one founder of the Children Center, that almost every organization involved in child protection uses narratives and pictures to educate and raise public awareness. FAR and the Children Center are no different and we are indeed very proud that we have the chance to fulfill our mission on many levels.

      The Children Center is not only a leader in child protection but, at the same time, is lobbying for an improvement of the sometimes dire conditions in the Caucasus. We are determined to share stories that depict the real situation in Armenia and the surrounding areas. Our sincere hope is that public consciousness and disapproval will ultimately mitigate the circumstances many children find themselves in.

      Mira Antonyan

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