[FAR Schools]: FAR Acknowledged for its Partnership with Yerevan School.

December 2, 2010

FAR recently had the pleasure of being named Yerevan #89 Secondary School’s “Best Friend.” Each year at the end of November, the school holds its annual superlative competition and distributes awards. For the past few years, FAR has donated materials like new computers and furniture. FAR has also helped to repair the school’s previously outdated heating system and, most recently, it helped to install a brand new video surveillance system on school grounds as well. Recently, many unwanted visitors have been trespassing on school grounds during the day.

Performance During the Awarding Ceremony


Credit: Felix Arustamyan

“The most important security issue at our school is now solved,” School Director Ofelya Petrosyan happily admitted. “With this modern equipment, teachers will be able to focus more on their classroom activities and lessons, as opposed to having their attention diverted elsewhere.” Additional staff will now be able to better focus on monitoring.

New Security Equipment of the School

Varujan School_Remote_controller

Credit: Felix Arustamyan

The awards ceremony was held in the school’s auditorium on November 30. Students were active participants, leading song and dance routines for the audience. Mrs. Petrosyan handed the certificate to FAR’s Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan along with a gold medal in token of the school’s gratitude and appreciation.

FAR’s Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan
Receiving “The Best Friend” Award

Gold medal awarding

Credit: Felix Arustamyan

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