[Web wrap]: Armenian Culture 101 at St. Clements Church.

November 21, 2010

“In the end, there was much to like in Sofian’s presentation: the tender introduction that visually highlighted her mother and especially her father, the wonderful poet Vahram Sofian; the attention to detail and precision in updated presentations of traditional Armenian choreography.”
      – Christopher Atamian
By Christopher Atamian via Ararat Magazine

A Review of “Passage Through Light and Shadows: Children of Ararat” by Anahid Sofian

Noted choreographer and specialist in Middle Eastern dance Anahid Sofian presented a lovely and heartfelt look at Armenian culture in what she terms a dance-drama at St. Clements Church in Manhattan from October 22-30, 2010.  Sofian made her mark in New York City over several decades after opening her studio in 1972, especially as an exponent of belly dancing, which she is largely credited with helping to elevate to an art form on par with other folk and mainstream dance. 

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Performance of “Communion” with dancers
Zobeida Gattas, Erin Jennings, Sira Melikian,
Carolin Melkonian, Nadia Maria Michaels,
Jean Musacchio, Janet Poriadjian, &
Stephanie Vartanian


Credit: Julie Lemberger via Ararat Magazine

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