[FAR Scholarships]: The Faces of FAR’s Mathevosian Scholars.

November 12, 2010

By Eduard Karapetyan

FAR not only ensures the implementation of the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, it also builds relationships with its scholars. For 14 years, this program has enabled students from low-income families to attend university. FAR’s staff also supports these students in other ways throughout their studies, by offering moral support, helping out with professional connections and of course celebrating their academic and professional accomplishments. All in all, the Mathevosian Program is much more than a scholarship.

Thanks to the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, which was founded by Armenian-American Anush Mathevosian, many more young Armenians are successful civil servants, international relations specialists, bankers, economists, lawyers and journalists, among other professions.

Here are just a few of FAR’s excellent Mathevosian scholars:

Margarit  Iskandaryan, 
Mathevossian 2010 MA Graduate, 
Armenian State University of Economics, 
Chief Specialist at Armbusiness Bank

Iskandaryan Margarit  Mathevossian 2010 MA Graduate Now Chief Specialist at Armbusiness bank

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Hayk Khemchyan,
Mathevosian 2009 MA Graduate,
Yerevan State University, 
Attaché of Armenian Foreign Ministry

Khemchyan Hayk  Mathevossian 2009 MA Graduate, Now Attashe of Armenian Foreighn Ministry

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Shahane Aleksanyan,
2009 M.A. Yerevan State University &
American University in Armenia,
Auditor at KPMG International, Founder of NGO
“Young Professionals Employment Promotion Center”

Aleksanyan Shahane Mathevossian 2009 MA Graduate Now Audit at KPMG international audit organization

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Arus  Harutyunyan,
Mathevosian 2007 M.A. Graduate,
Armenian State University of Economics,
ProCredit Bank Branch Manager

Harutyunyan Arus Mathevosian 2007 Graduate, Now ProCredit Bank Branch Manager

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Serine Khachatryan,
M.A. Candidate at Yerevan State University,
Law Expert at RA National Assembly

Khachatryan Serine  Mathevossian MA 2nd year Student, Now Expert of RA National Assembly

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

Artyom Levonyan,
Mathevosian 2008 Graduate,
Yerevan State University,
Broadcast Journalist, Public TV Company (H1)

Artyom Levonyan

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

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