[FAR Scholarships]: Beneficiary Profile: Shahane Aleksanyan, Mathevosian Scholar.

November 10, 2010

By Eduard Karapetyan

For 14 years, FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program has successfully helped students from socially vulnerable families by giving them an opportunity to attend university and use their skills to contribute to the development of Armenia.

Shahane Aleksanyan is from Goris. In 2003, she was chosen as a Mathevosian Scholar, news she calls a “revolution” in her life. Her selection reinforced her belief in justice, kindness and the possibility of the future. So, in order to truly prove that she was worthy of the title “Mathevosiantsi,” she fully threw herself into her studies and earned excellent grades.

Shahane graduated with honors from Yerevan State University, obtained a master’s degree at the American University in Armenia, and was offered a job to join the team of financial experts at the Prime Minister’s Office, where she worked for one year. Shahane was successfully selected as an Auditor at “KPMG” international audit organization, where she currently works. She also tutors at Eurasia International University.

Always active, Shahane established her own NGO, “Young Professionals Employment Promotion Center” to promote the professional development amongst Armenia’s youth. The NGO aims at increasing the number of youth who are employed in Armenia. “I try my best to continue Anush Mathevosian’s excellent work,” Shahane said. She hopes that organization will serve as a structure to support young people from socially vulnerable families who want to obtain an education and strengthen their careers.

Shahane Aleksanyan

Shahane Aleksanyan

Credit: Eduard Karapetyan

During our meeting, I asked Shahane how and when she manages to do all this, she simply smiled and said, “I also love to read and attend theatres in my free time.”

Shahane has a dream to get her PhD from Harvard or Cambridge. She said that she will do her best to fulfill this dream.

For me, It’s impossible to stop being proud of such an enthusiastic young girl. We sincerely wish Shahane and all Mathevostsiantsis the best of luck! We at FAR believe they will all achieve so much in life.

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