[FAR Schools]: Gyumri Octet Music School and Vazgen A Secondary School Collaborate on Anniversary Concert.

November 9, 2010

By Marina Bazayeva

Celebrations have historically been linked to life cycles — harvest-time and the change of season, for instance. The anniversaries of momentous life events are always legitimate reasons to celebrate: we remember the special day and we honor the time that has past since the event took place.


Credit: Marina Bazayeva

This fall, the Octet Music School and Vazgen A Secondary School celebrated the one-year anniversary of their collaboration. Both of these schools are FAR inspired and FAR supported. For the past year, students have used each school’s facilities to conduct their studies and also learn and rehearse their music.


Credit: Marina Bazayeva

Thirty children from both Octet and Vazgen A recently performed in a concert at Vazgen A. The glorious sound of their music was proof of these children’s undeniable talent and dedication. The level of their ability to master classical, folk and jazz pieces was striking, even for FAR representatives who have witnessed the children perform many times.


Credit: Marina Bazayeva

Both the Octet and Vazgen schools are situated in a more isolated area of Gyumri, where students work hard each and every day. Their performance struck Gyumri’s core. It is a testament to the fact that Gyumri is a city that will foster the growth and talent of its artists, despite the tragedy it has faced.


Credit: Marina Bazayeva

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