[VOAH]: Students Benefit from Experience at Vanadzor Old Age Home.

November 5, 2010

By Gayane Gevorgyan

Between October 4th and 30th, the students from Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute’s Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology spent time volunteering at the Vanadzor Old Age Home.

Students With Their Teachers
During Practice At Vanadzor Old Age Home


Credit: Gayane Gevorgyan

Students were divided into two groups and worked under the supervision of teachers and psychologists. Department lecturer Anahit Mkhitaryan and psychologists Anahit Petrosyan, Anna Gevorgyan and Vardan Ayvazyan, led the first professional group. The second group’s leader was Tatevik Malumyan. Assistant Director Gayane Gevorgyan and Psychologist Tatevik Grigoryan also gladly collaborated with students.

The Old Age Home Residents Enjoy
The Students Company


Credit: Gayane Gevorgyan

This kind of experience is very important for the professional development of future teachers, sociologists and psychologists. During this short period, the students were able to learn about the day-to-day operations of VOAH, its organizational structure and the methods staff use to work with the elderly. Students spent time communicating with the residents, organizing individual psychological work, implementing various research methods, making valuable observations and meeting with staff members. The practice was very effective and the support of the leaders, as well as attentive attitude and readiness of VOAH employees, was very helpful for the students. It will be great if they have the opportunity to obtain such practical experience on an on-going basis.

Students and VOAH Residents


Credit: Gayane Gevorgyan

VOAH Director Tigran Kocharyan,
Residents and Students
At the Entrance of the Old Age Home


Credit: Gayane Gevorgyan

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