[CME]: After Five Years, More Than 250 of Armenia’s Medical Professionals Impacted.

November 5, 2010

By Hambartsum Simonyan

FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) ended October with another five graduates, putting the total number of those who have completed CME at 250 since the program started five years ago. Throughout the years, participants have come from all over Armenia. This month’s hailed from Talin, Spitak, Noyemberyan and Abovyan.

All received their certificates at FAR’s Yerevan office last week, during which participants expressed their hope to maximize their CME experience as much as possible, and to cooperate with CME in the future.

 CME Coordinator Hambartsum Simonyan &
Hasmik Manukyan with CME Graduates


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

“This training program has created new opportunities for networking and it gave us the opportunity to learn the latest medical innovations and technologies. Thanks to the program and our new connections, we have now access to information on all conferences, seminars and medical events,” said Sirush Stepanyan, a physician from Noyemberyan. “I could never imagine that free training in our country could be so effective and informative. This inspires all of us to improve the quality of our healthcare – both individually and as a nation.”

(from left to right) Sirush Stepanyan,
Satenik Grigoryan and Leyli Ghambaryan


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

Meeting With CME Graduates


Credit: Hambartsum Simonyan

CME gives doctors from Armenia’s rural areas the opportunity to enhance their modern medical knowledge and practice. These doctors have the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches and methodologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan free of cost.

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