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[Armenian Landscapes]

November 30, 2010

Last Day of Autumn in Armenia

Last day of Autumn in Armenia

Credit: Levon Lachikyan


[Armenian Life]

November 30, 2010


Zara (Dogma) and Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)


[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Scholar Named YSU’s Best Student.

November 30, 2010

By Edward Karapetyan

In 2008, Gyumri native Janna Harutyunyan was awarded the Mathevosian Scholarship, giving her the opportunity to study international relations at Yerevan State University. She is one of 65 Mathevosian scholars whose tuition fees are covered by FAR, thanks to the generous support of Armenian American benefactor Anush Mathevosian. Recently, Janna was awarded the “YSU Best Student” prize on International Students Day.

“When I first learned that I was selected as FAR Program beneficiary, I cried tears of joy,” Janna exclaimed. “If not for this, my unemployed parents in Gyumri would hardly be able to pay for my education.”

Since her first days as a YSU student, she’s been eager to prove herself a “Mathevosiantsi” and has earned excellent grades. Along the way, she’s received certificates of excellence from FAR, in addition to some monetary awards for her stellar academic progress. Janna is also involved in extracurricular activities. She actively participates in the Student Scientific Union, where she’s been secretary since 2009. In her free time, Janna takes lessons at the Latin Dance Studio.

Janna was selected from a pool of 100 applicants for the “Best Student” award. Now, she has even more drive to be hardworking, persistent and purposeful in her studies.

“With my success, I would like to express deep gratitude to our beloved benefactor Anush Mathevosian, on behalf of all beneficiaries,” said Janna. “I want to prove that her generous contributions to Armenia’s tomorrow are not in vain.”

The YSU Best Student ceremony was held on November 17 in YSU’s Events Hall. Numerous guests, including journalists, tutors and students attended the ceremony. Janna received a beautiful medal engraved with the portraits of Mesrop Mashtots and Sahak Partev. Along with the prize, Janna also has an opportunity to intern in the Department of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) at the Ministry of the Diaspora. 

 “YSU Best Student” Janna Harutyunyan
Janna Harutyunyan YPH Mijazgajin haraberutyunneri fak.3kurs

Credit: Edward Karapetyan

Janna remains focused on her goals. After she completes her bachelor’s degree she hopes to earn a master’s degree abroad. Her dream is to become the Armenian Ambassador to France, much like Ambassador Charles Aznavour.

“Those are only goals,” Janna said. “Even if my life leads me on another path, I will again do my best to help and support my homeland.”


[Web Wrap]: Placido Domingo arrives in Armenia.

November 30, 2010

Placido Domingo to perform in Yerevan!


World famous tenor Placido Domingo will arrive in Armenia tomorrow and will give a concert in Yerevan on Friday, Sona Hovhannisyan, manager of the Yerevan Perspectives international festival, told

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Placido Domingo




[Armenian Life]: Berlin-Gyumri Partnership Helps Gyumri’s Children.

November 30, 2010

By Marina Bazayeva

Germans were one of the first groups to help Gyumri after the earthquake when they built Gyumri Hospital and Berlin Art Hotel. Both of these institutions maintain a very European style and have pleasant, accommodating staff that provides excellent service.

Max the Bear at the Exhibit’s Opening


Credit: Marina Bazayeva

More than 20 years later, Germans continue to support Gyumri. With the help of Mr. Aleksan Ter-Minasyan, executive director of the Berlin Art Hotel in Gyumri, a recent event helped to bring some joy to many of the handicapped children at Gyumri Hospital. First, a show featuring “Max the Bear,” a children’s character that actually became an official symbol of Berlin at the end of the 19th century, helped to entertain and lift the their spirits. Germany’s ambassador to Armenia Hans-Jochen Schmidt was also present at the ceremony.

“Max the Bear” with
German Ambassador
Hans-Jochen Schmidt &
 Former Shirak Governor Lida Nanyan


Credit: Marina Bazayeva

An exhibition featuring portraits of the handicapped kids of Berlin and Gyumri by the outstanding artist and illustrator Vahan Topchyan was also held at the Berlin hospital. Vahan’s portraits made no differentiation between German and Armenian children with the purpose of demonstrating that all kids need love and care regardless of nationality. Indeed, love is what will help these children integrate and thrive in their societies. 

Vahan Topchyan’s Illustrations
‘Fairy Tales from Armenia’ 


Credit: Gyumri Gallery Blog

FAR and Berlin Art Hotel have a long history of collaboration. Their partnership will continue next summer when volunteers for the ACYOA’s Armenia Service Program stay at the hotel while they volunteer for FAR’s projects in Gyumri.

(left to right) Artist Vahan Topchyan,
FAR Gyumri Representative Marina Bazayeva &
Berlin Hotel Director  Aleksan Ter-Minasyan


Credit: Marina Bazayeva


[Armenian Life]

November 29, 2010

Beautiful song about Yerevan.

Forsh “Yerevan”


[Web Wrap]: Yerevan’s Municipality Is Washing And Painting Central Streets.

November 29, 2010

Cleaning and washing of Yerevan’s central streets will return the city’s title “Pink City”.

Via The Armenian Observer Blog

For about two months now Yerevan’s  Municipality have started a major project on cleaning and painting the buildings along city’s central streets.

The best part is, they’re washing the buildings made of pink tuff, the volcanic ash-made rock which Yerevan is renown for, are being washed, and you can finally see why the Yerevan was called the Pink City.

Overall, it’s great and cheerful. And the washing process itself is fun to watch, even if its somewhat loud.

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Credit: The Armenian Observer