[Web Wrap]: “Father Land,” a Father-Son Collaboration on Artsakh Published.

October 26, 2010

At times capturing an intimate familial moment; at other times, in the street, observing the chaos of life; or reverent in the presence of Karabagh’s millennial churches, the images simultaneously document, explore, and reflect upon Karabagh’s precarious present and his own place in this Father Land.

Via The Armenian Reporter

Los Angeles – Father Land by Vahé and Ara Oshagan is a poetic and personal journey through the rugged, human-and-history-laden landscape of Karabagh / Armenia. It is also a unique collaboration between a photographer son and his well-known, writer father.

A family steeped in Armenian literature and art, Vahé and Ara Oshagan’s work is the result of an intensely felt connection to their heritage and homeland. Father Land is a literary and visual contemplation of Karabagh/Armenia’s present-day, its history and its culture, as well as a meditation on transnational identity, land, and paternal bonds.

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An Image From Father Land
By Ara Oshagan
Published By PowerHouse Books


Credit: The Armenian Reporter

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