[FAR Schools]: FAR Benefactor Dr. John Ounjian Celebrates his 90th with Gyumri’s Children.

October 25, 2010

By Marina Bazayeva

Retired New York Doctor and dedicated FAR partner John Ounjian recently celebrated his 90th birthday in Armenia surrounded by friends and the children he’s so generously helped to get an education.

Dr. Ounjian In the School At His
90th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony

Dr. Ounjian in the school at his 90th anniversary celebration ceremony

Credit: Marina Bazayeva

Dr. Ounjian’s support helped to reconstruct the building that now houses the Ounjian School (named after his parents Armenak and Yeghisabet Ounjian), which was destroyed in the 1988 earthquake. Today, roughly 500 students study there. Dr. Ounjian attends graduation every year.

Dr. Ounjian In the School
With Scholarship Recipients

Dr. Ounjian in the school with scholarship recipients

Credit: Marina Bazayeva

Each fall, the doctor takes a trip to Armenia, usually accompanied by a few friends. His first day in Yerevan, he was warmly welcomed by FAR’s entire staff. Projects Director Arto Vorperian, also in town from New York, presented Dr. Ounjian with a letter of appreciation from Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) and president of FAR. The letter illustrated Dr. Ounjian’s tremendous role in the development of Gyumri and deeply thanked him for his dedication.

Dr. Ounjian made a trip to Gyumri, where he visited the school. He was greeted warmly by the students who performed a talent show in his honor. To top it off, the doctor taught an astronomy and physics class for the students filled with the enthusiasm, vigor and intellect they have all grown to love. 

Dr. Ounjian Conducts Astronomy Class
For High School Kids

Dr. Ounjian conducts Astronomy class for high school kids

Credit: Marina Bazayeva

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