[FAR Scholarships]: Gulamerian Selects 2010-2011 Scholars.

October 19, 2010

This year, 33 students from Vanadzor, Gavar and Yerevan’s “Zatik” orphanages will be attending university and vocational programs through the help of the Gulamerian Scholarship Program. For 13 years, FAR’s Gulamerian program has supported the education of children who grew up in Armenia’s orphanages. Currently, about 80 Armenian youth receive vocational training and earn their degrees in higher education through Gulamerian. 

All Program Beneficiaries
From Vanadzor Orphanage

VanadzorOrphanage children

Credit: FAR Staff

FAR is the only organization in Armenia that specifically addresses the important issue of providing higher education to children raised in orphanages. Along with tuition coverage and monthly stipends, FAR covers their living expenses, including their books, supplies and transportation fees. 

 Students from Zatik Orphanage
Practice Welding
At Yerevan # 3 Vocational School

# 3 Vocational School

Credit: FAR Staff

To implement the program FAR actively cooperates with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Science, regional administrations, as well as with a number of private companies and employment agencies in the region so that graduates will be able to find jobs once they finish their studies. 

 Program Beneficiary Tatevik Haji-Poghosyan
During the Practice at Vanadzor Hospital

Tatevik -During the practice

Credit: FAR Staff

 Alexander Nefedov Painting the Walls of
Etchmiadzin Children’s Park  


Credit: FAR Staff

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