[Armenian Life]: “Shirak Expo 2010” Graces Gyumri.

October 11, 2010

By Marina Bazayeva

The “Shirak Expo 2010” kicked off in Gyumri last week. Aimed at strengthening civil society, development and reducing poverty especially in the remote areas of Georgia and Armenia by exposing Gyumretzi to various initiatives, the event attracted representatives from international organizations as well as notable business participants and local politicians.

Sevak Manukyan (right),
Deputy Director of CARD &  Former
Deputy Country Director of FAR
With Marina Bazayeva,
FAR’s Gyumri Office Director

Marina Bazayeva

Credit: Marina Bazayeva

Agricultural cultivation and investment companies, food and textile enterprises, and several farmers unions presented at the exhibition. Gyumri’s mayor Vardan Ghukasyan attended, as did the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD), an economic development organization, and the humanitarian organization CARE, which helped to organize the event. Businessmen from other provinces were also invited to partake. For the first time ever, Georgian businesses were able to present their products to Gyumri residents.

Shirak Expo: The New Buildings
Construction Theme
As a Sign of Gyumri Recovery 

Shirak Expo

Credit: Marina Bazayeva

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