[Web Wrap]: Those Creating Advertisements Are “Popoks”.

October 1, 2010

International Advertisement Festival with the name “Popok” (walnut) is organized in Armenia.

Armenia organized an international advertising forum last year, but it was different in that there was no competition. This year there are applicants from over 26 countries.

The name of the festival is not by chance. “It took a while for us to choose the name. We thought about how it would sound and how it could be presented. We had to present an Armenian element, but we refused to name it after the apricot or the pomegranate because the whole world knows about them. Although there is no Armenian element in a walnut, it is also Armenian,” says member of the organizing committee Raffi Niziblian.

Besides being a walnut, the name contains the words “pop” and “OK” and the core of the walnut looks like a brain. It is a coarse model which gives birth to fine thoughts that turn into interesting advertisements.

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Popok Ad Festival

Credit: Youth Online Newspaper

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