[Web Wrap]: The Role of Youth in Peacemaking: Youth of Europe Gathered in Armenia to Find New Ways of Settling Conflicts.

September 30, 2010

The seminar “Role of Youth Work and Intercultural Learning in Peace-building,” which was held last week in Tsakhkadzor, engaged youth from 10 different countries in discussion about peace-building efforts for national or international conflicts through intercultural dialogue, exchange and experience.

By Tsovinar Karapetyan via Youth.am

Nearly 30 young leaders from 10 countries have gathered in Tsakhkadzor to participate in a seminar on the “Role of youth work and intercultural learning in peace-building” which launched on September 20.

The seminar is organized by the “European Confederation of Youth Clubs” and Armenia is implementing the program as a member of the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia.

“The participants are mainly from Confederation-member countries. But we also issued a statement to engage those who are from countries with national and international conflicts or are very interested in the topic,” said chief secretary of the European Confederation of Youth Clubs, Carmen Paun. 

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YRD - youth forum

Credit: Tsovinar Karapetyan via Youth.am

Youth forum

Credit: Hasmik Manukyan

Youth Forum 2

Credit: Hasmik Manukyan

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