[Web Wrap]: Gyumri’s Resurgence Aided by Fund for Armenian Relief.

September 30, 2010

Gyumri: A vibrant rebirth and hope for the future.

By Florence Avakian via The Armenian Reporter

Gyumri, Armenia – Twenty-two years ago, it was a city devastated by a massive earthquake. Today, Gyumri is alive and well, with daily signs of progress everywhere.

Contributing to the resurgence of Armenia’s second largest city with a population of 130,000, are several projects created, organized and financed by the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) which started its projects in Gyumri with the specific focus on earthquake relief.

On a recent trip to Armenia, I visited this burgeoning city with Margarita Piliposyan, Deputy Director of FAR Armenia. In the past several years, many new buildings and homes have been erected mostly with American and European funding.

One of the most vital establishments in Gyumri is the Margaret and Nishan Atinizian Senior Center which opened in 2000. It feeds some 200 indigent elders daily in two shifts, providing both a nutritional homemade meal, and access to showers. 

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Students at Gyumri’s IT Center,
supported by the Fund for Armenian Relief

GITC students

Credit: Florence Avakian via Armenian Reporter

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