[Web Wrap]: Armenia’s “Other” Children.

September 29, 2010

The only such shelter in Armenia and Karabagh.

By Florence Avakian via The Armenian Reporter

Yerevan – They are three and four year olds who excitedly run over to me with ear-to-ear smiles as I arrive at the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) Children’s Center in Yerevan. Their cherubic faces are aglow with the happiness that only children of this age can express unabashedly.

But their joyous greeting belies a darker history of the 38 children at the Center – aged 3 to 18 currently, of possible abuse, abandonment, homelessness, sexual trafficking, or simply parents so poor they cannot afford to raise them. Though the number of children at this Center is very small, it nonetheless exposes a condition that is on the rise due to the severe economic conditions in Armenia.

It was during my recent trip to Armenia that I had the privilege of visiting this amazing institution which is supported by the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR). The buildings are nestled among trees, playground areas, and fragrant flower beds planted and cared for by the children. There is even a sandbox for the more aggressive youngsters to relieve their frustrations, anxieties and fears.

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Some of the FAR Center Children 

CSFC children

Credit: Florence Avakian via Armenian Reporter

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