[CSFC] Profile: Five-year-old Eva Learns How to Eat.

September 29, 2010

Abject poverty brings many children to FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that even today, in a world of excess that there are still families and children living without sufficient food or clothing.


Credit: FAR Staff

One of the Children’s Support Foundation Center’s recent cases involved such malnutrition. Five-year-old Eva* was admitted to CSFC after being abused and abandoned by her mother. Shortly after Eva’s mother found out that she was adopted she left for Moldova in search of her biological mother. Eva was left in the care of her 73-year-old grandmother, who soon found herself emotionally, physical and financially unable to care for her. She called CSFC’s crisis hotline and Eva was taken into the care of the center staff. Exceptionally thin and pale, Eva had developed a series of health problems which caused her to be hospitalized. Today, she’s back at the center, where specialists are teaching her how to eat properly.

Eva is adjusting quite well to life at the CSFC. Judging by her smile and her enthusiasm, her pride at showing her toys and presents she received while in the hospital, she is happy to be in CSFC’s safe environment, where she is healing from her previous life of abuse. 

* FAR changed Eva’s name to protect her privacy.

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